Fall 2016 - One Room Challenge - Week 1

Y'all! Happy Thursday. I am so glad to be taking part again in the One Room Challenge for the next six weeks. Thursdays have been so mundane since the Spring wrap up.

Last go round, I helped the ever so lovely, funnest friend around, Stephanie from Olive and Tate complete her living room. Remember that pool table smack dab in the middle of the room?! Yeah? That was us and don't forget the Great Green Chair Debacle of 2016.... you can read about my biggest design mistake to date here. The word challenge is no joke, but I couldn't have been happier with the end result of that space and allllll the fun we had along the way.

I had an absolute blast getting to know the fellow participants and seeing what everyone dreamed up in this nutso, crazy fun, tiny time frame. I know I speak for everyone who has ever participated in saying that we are all are so appreciative to Linda and the ORC team for creating this platform for all of us to create and connect on.

So, this time around I am teaming up with my ridiculously talented artist friend, Marquin Campbell of Marquin Designs to complete her living space that includes the Living Room, Dining Room, And Kitchen. I am way jazzed about it. 

Marquin has a crazy good eye for design, but needed help pulling it together in her own space. So many of us have that problem. Something about making decisions for ourselves is so much harder than telling someone else what they should do. Marquin asked if I would work with her on pulling the space together and I said, "Um, yeah. Of course I am going to do that. Also, let's be crazy and do it all in six weeks and blog about it all along the way." 

So, that's what we are doing and here's the space. 

Living Room... 

Dining Room...


In all three spaces we are planning on keeping most of the existing furniture pieces except for a few that will strategically be switched out for some more modern pieces. We plan to add in color in impactful ways while still keeping the space cohesive and soft. Oh and the art... I can't not mention the art. What a dream, decorating for an artist and art collector. 

Here is our inspiration mood board. All sorts of soft hues and textures that are going to bring this space to life. Did I mention that I'm jazzed?! 

And check out our Pinterest board for the space, here

I am so excited about this project and sharing it with all of y'all. With there being so much to do/share and there being so little time to make it all happen in, Marquin and I will each be sharing the space weekly on each of our blogs. We have divvied up the work load and I can't wait for the magic to start happening. 

Marquin is sharing all about the space over on her blog and laying out the issues she's had with it that made her decide to call me in.

I can't wait to check out everyone's plans for their spaces this week. This is going to be so fun. Make sure you check out all the other linking participants here and the sponsored participants here!  

My girl, Jenny, from Boho Style File is teaming up with fab Greenville designer, Francis Still of Kinloch Interiors, to work on Jenny's dining room. I am so excited that these girls are participating and I am even more excited about the blowout celebration we are going to have with them when this thing wraps. Can't wait to see what they cook up. 

Finally, something fun about Thursdays again! Happy day, friends! See you next week with an update on our plan. 

Here we go! I'm not sure if I accurately conveyed my excitement. 

XO, Amanda Louise 


  1. Yay!! Can't wait to see what you ladies cook up and so glad we will get at least one post a week so we can ooh and ahh over your design work!!

  2. So excited to see the progress! Y'all are my favs :)

  3. Fantastic! A Pinterest board is so smart, too.

  4. Love this! Thank you for helping me, AL!!!


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