Fall 2016 ORC Week Two

Hi, friends! 

It's week two of the ORC and it is time to get the ball rolling. If you are just checking in, see the space I am helping my friend, Marquin with here

Marquin is working her magic in the space this week too. Check out what she's up to. We've split up tasks to make it all happen in this tiny time frame! 

Kevin and I are in Asheville for the rest of the week and because he is wonderful, he always tags along for at least one shopping day on trips. To get organized on what we still need to find for the space, I thought I would make a little list here... and then, get to shopping! Send over any good spots to shop! 

Because Marquin's living area is open, we are having to conquer the living room, dining room, and make the kitchen feel cohesive as well. 

So here's what we need to still make happen in the Living Room. 

1. Pillows for the Sofa and Chairs 
Using Robert Allen Neo Toile to add some darkness and depth and accenting with chartreuses for brightness. 

2. Style the Mantle, Secretary, and Coffee Table 

3. Find a Coffee Table
Something with gold and glass 

4. Rearrange/ Add in New Art Pieces 
Mix in new pieces with Marquin's existing collection 

5. New Floor Lamp 
Something with more height and a modern shape to break up the traditional pieces 

6. Add Tape to Roman Shades 
Add some color and pattern 

And the Dining Room and Kitchen...

1. Recover Chairs
Using some original Marquin fabric 

2. Find Bar Cart and Style 

3. Paint Walls
Marquins totally in charge of this one and it's going to be fab chinoiserie goodness! 

4. Table Setting
The most beautiful things in the works! 

5. Lamps
Find New Shades 

6. Style Surfaces and Kitchen Shelves

So, Off I go to make this happen! See you next week with (finger's crossed) some actual progress! 

Amanda Louise 

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  1. I love it all!! Mollie and I used Neo Toile in our previous ORC in a different colorway and personally I can't get enough of that fabric. Can't wait to see it all come together. Enjoy the mountains!


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