At Home: Living Room Tour

At Home: Living Room Tour
Photo by Cleland Studios

Hello friends! I'm spending some extra time at home this week recovering from a little surgery and I thought that I would share our living room digs where I'm spending a lot of extra time, with y'all. This space is constantly changing and recently went through a rearrange to accommodate this settee that was in our bedroom. Truly, I love it down here but I'm missing it in it's former home. Our home is never finished and I live by the motto that good design is never done. I've never let not a having a place for something that I love, stop me from buying it... simply rearrange your life to make it fit. Kevin truly loves this mantra of mine. I also think that in order to meet varying needs you have throughout life, your space and what is in it, has to be able to accommodate those needs. 

Bringing this little animal print guy down, gave us extra seating for entertaining and made our space feel so much larger. Our basically windowless 1970's condo needs its space maximized and although open floor plans are lovely, I needed a little bit more space definition. 

To make this large wall make sense, I used one large painting by Kiah Bellows grouped with smaller vignettes of art and accessories. This large antique frame groups smaller items together and makes them feel more like a collection.

We moved our large sofa into the wide open space to create some room divide and actually placed a small desk behind so that I can work from home some and watch tv at the same time... i mean, look out the window.  Now the large sofa is facing our one window which is a nice mix-up from always having the room centered around the television. Windows are for sure at the top of the check-list for our next place. This week at home is making it apparent that for everyone's sanity natural light is a must.

These Design Legacy pillows mixed with these lovely Loloi textured pillows make for the perfect mix of all my favorite hues. 

This bookshelf from World Market is a go-to for clients and me. This piece is a great price point and works so nicely in so many spaces to house books and collections. 

My favorite reading spot by our one window with lots of lamps and our friend Figgy, who I am trying desperately to keep alive. 

Maisy girl outside of her natural habitat which is the sofa. 

Details of my favorite chair in two of my favorite fabrics of all time. Green citrus velvet from Tonic Living and Magnolia Tercan Yellow

Monograms on everything and one of my favorite hues

My treasured dog collection that is bursting at the seams. The next living room change will have to encompass a larger display space for these babes. 

Lesley Grainger is one of my favorite artists and i love this piece that hangs in the living room. 

Here is my new little workspace and I have to say that Kevin and I are constantly fighting over this spot. 

Here's the living room through the past couple of years... a lot of the same stuff but contantly changing and moving and editing and adding. Kevin loves it. 

Happy late Monday, friends! 


  1. So charming. I could just wander around and snoop and touch your cool stuff all day long! What a great space. I literally move something in my house every day. Why not? And sometimes I move it back LOL! My husband says he can go to bed and wake up with a room painted a different color and the furniture switched around. I just blogged about finding goodies at thrift stores and having to move stuff around to make it work.... must be the time of year! Extra long days for moving furniture around and finding treasures! I just need your mad skills for arranging it so happily!!

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