Hippity Hop Living Room

Hippity hop, don't stop. When we started working on this project, our clients, in the midst of a renovation, got hit with a 1-2 punch in the health department. Needless to say, it was scary stuff and disarray on the homefront. Creating a happy space was number one on our agenda, and when this dear client professed her love for all things bunny, visions of Hunt Slonem flashed in my head . We knew it had to be the jumping off point for this space.

Like most of our spaces, this one was all about balance. Old with new. Tradition with funk. Bright colors with neutrals. Small prints among large prints. Pieces with sentiment mixed with new pieces that pull our design concept together... etc, etc, etc.

The client had a very traditional collection of rabbit oil paintings and although she still loves them, they needed to be balanced with some bright hues and funk to match her now oh-so-colorful style. Enter Hunt and off we went. Doing our thing with color and pattern.

We brought in one of our favorite Bassett sofas with greek key arm details in a masculine stripe to balance some of the more feminine patterns in the space. Recovering chairs that were in the living room before, we brought in a mix of huge orange buffalo check, small prints, some florals... and you can't ignore the base layer of pattern with that blue leopard print situation.

Accessories and art were where this one really came together. That calm Kiah Bellows landscape over the mantle draws you in while it partners with the much-more-bold Kim Hassold floral.

Overall, this bright happy space is what it's all about: creating spaces that people can enjoy time in, spaces that act as a haven from some of the not-so-fun realities of life, and spaces that reflect their passions, loves, and personalities.

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