Fall Pillow Palooza

Here in the Southeast, fall approaches us a bit slowly. Only just this month did we partake in that pivotal fall moment where we recognize the seasons are definitely changing. We’re talking about the annual turn of the HVAC switch where it’s off with the AC and on with the heat. That’s all to say, whether you’re in the lowcountry or living in the upstate, it’s a known fact that hot-hot South Carolina brings up the seasonal rear. Alas, here in Greenville, it’s finally (praise hands) time for chunky knit sweaters and even chunkier living room blankets. We’ve been totally itching for this much cooler time as it means one thing: a home decor change is near.

We like our homes to reflect the transition to this wonderful new, much needed fall season, and quite honestly, it doesn’t take more than a few affordable adjustments to make it happen. The easiest way to update? The changing of pillows. Every November, we bring a pop of fall flare to our favorite living spaces by sourcing new, fall-favored pillows. This way, we don’t have to change much else in the backdrop. No couch goes recovered and no coffee table has to be swapped for another. Just pillows. That’s it. Thus, we’re sharing our favorite ways to bring a bit of fall into the forefront of your own home.

To us, fall is way more than dark tones and lots of orange. Instead, we look for pillows with lush patterns and moody textures regardless of the color scheme we’re working with. When it comes to creating fall vibes, sometimes the more texture, the better. Aim for pillows with texture that’s much different than those you use during spring and summer. Think bold mohair or a vibrantly striped velvet. These help bring a warm, inviting fall aesthetic into your home while staying away from the expected fall happenings (we’re looking at you, orange and brown color-scheme family).

Far too often, we see too much orange and brown at the ripe beginning of the fall season. Good news is, there’s way more out there than just these colorings. When you use fall-feeling patterns and textures, you’ll find there’s absolutely nada wrong with a luscious blue and green plaid euro, or a yellow and black knit lumbar. It is what it is people, pillow changing is the bomb diggity. We’ve linked a few favorites below, all of which are below $50. Which is bananas. Happy seasonal decorating!

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