Green Goodness in a Spray Can

Hi, friends! I hope that Everyone's long weekend has been killer. Our's has been mega chill over here and it is just what we needed. There has been an insane amount of football, good food and puppy cuddles which is just what I like for a September weekend. 

I was looking through lamps on Joss and Main yesterday and saw that these beauties were on sale. I picked up one of these same lamps at HomeGoods a year or so ago... sprayed it, changed the shade, of course added some beads, and never looked back. 

I'm going to share step by step, how you can transform these lamps and I'm going to let you guys in on one of my favorite spray paint secrets of all time. 

Here we go. 

First off, buy these lamps... Just do it. They are good. 

Secondly, I need you to go to your home improvement store of choice and buy this spray paint. You might feel weird about doing this. You may have never pictured yourself buying tractor paint. You may start singing that Kenny Chesney song or possibly even worse, the Jason Aldean one. But power through and just buy it. Then immediately blast a non tractor themed song as soon as you get back to the car.

Now, Spray that lamp! Spray it real good and this magic paint will leave you with what I think is the perfect green, glossy combo. A far cry from any tractor I've ever been around. 

The shade is next. I added a navy shade that I also picked up at HomeGoods, but I am OBSESSED with these crazy good shades from Minted. Here are a few of my favorites prints, but there are basically a million. 

Once you have your shade (and I hope you got a fun one!), all you need are the finishing touches. Find a awesome finial and put some beads or a tassel around the neck for some texture and interest. I opted for an acrylic cube finial and some chunky yellow beads I picked up. You can find all the lamp accoutrements you could ever think of in a million years at one of my latest obsessions on Etsy, Woman Shops World. So many gorgeous tassels and beads in all the colors from all around the globe.  

And there you have it, friends! I just shared one of my favorite secrets... because I've always been a terrible secret keeper. You now have an easy peasy one day project that will take any off the shelf or vintage lamp with good bones to new heights of green goodness. 

XO, Amanda Louise 

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  1. Love this! The farm equipment paint gives such a glossy depth almost like a glaze. I'll have to try it out!


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