Can y'all believe fall is finally here?! Well, I am jazzed and here are all the things I'm crushing on for this new season. Velvets, vibrant hues, and all the pattern. I am gearing up for a couple of October trips and some fall entertaining so the prep begins. Here's to all things fall, friends! 

Amanda Louise 


Color, Pattern, and Art Partay... Dining Room

Photos: Luke Cleland 

Y'all! Happy Sunday! Over the past couple of weeks, I've shared this clients home full of color, pattern, and art. We looked at the living room, the office/craft room/homework spot, and now to the dining room! Currently we're working on the kitchen and cabinets just got installed this week (Insert squeal of delight, here). This home is far from finished, but I am so so jazzed with the completed spaces so far! I absolutely cannot wait to see the kitchen and remaining spaces come together and share it with y'all, but this project has been a dream and I don't really want it to ever wrap. I think I might start working really slowly just to drag it out as long as possible.

I can't think about this space without thinking of this one time, when I posted a process pic of the space and Pottery Barn reposted on Insta to feature their chandelier. Beige-loving PB enthusiasts were not kind to this space and my fave comment was that a "color-blind grandma must have decorated it"... Well, here I am. One color-blind grandma at your service! Funny now- not so funny then. Now, I take it as a compliment and in my rebranding I might just take that as my tagline... THANKS, mean internet peeps. 

Amanda Louise 
Grandma at Heart
Residential Design for the Color Blind

JK, JK... but you have to be able to laugh at it, right? I mean, my style can be a lot. I know that, you know that. And that's why we're here and not wandering the aisles of PB (which I actually love in small doses). Who hasn't seen something they thought was ugly on the internet? I know I have, but never ever have I thought, "Oh man, I should tell them what I think about this... because obviously they care about what I think and my opinion matters." 

I basically felt like sharing that because, now it makes me giggle, and also because it allowed me to insert a mini essay here on how sucky the internet can be and how it makes us not act like we are actually interacting with other humans... So, now that we've all laughed about that...  onto all the details of this space that I and the peeps that live there think is all sorts of rad and an immense thankfulness for the internet because that's where I get to connect with all of you lovelies. 

Dining room things... We've got ample seating for dinner parties and holidays, pretty modern shelves to display serving pieces and glassware, all the color and pattern, and lots of wall space for artwork. 

We started with a big Erin Gregory canvas from One Kings Lane and then layered lots of local and vintage artwork on top of that. Fruit and plant pieces from the lovely Glory Day Loflin, landscapes on either side of the doorway and to the left of the window from the insanely talented Kiah Bellows , and another piece by the window from one of my favorite peeps in whole dang world, Teresa Roche

Overall this space is ready for Thanksgiving which will be here, like tomorrow... ready to get down with some turkey and dressing and celebrate like it's 1621. We just have to pull their kitchen together so that there's an oven to cook said turkey in before the big day. 

Shop the post below, friends! 

Amanda Louise 


Color, Pattern, and Art Partay... Craft Room

A couple of weeks ago I shared a living room that was filled to the brim with all the things I love: all the colors, all the pattern and a truck load of all the local art. And this week all the attention is on that living room's like minded neighbor. Introducing the craft room/office/game room combo.  

In a prior life, this office space was the formal dining room and the now dining room that we'll share soon, was the formal living room. A common switcharoo that these older ranches are making these days. This space quickly found a new purpose. 

This family space demanding three functionalities: a homework station, storage for craft supplies, and a surface that could serve a craft or game table. So, we brought it all. A desk and comfy chair provide the perfect spot for all the long hours of addition and subtraction. The former china cabinet turned showcase of all the markers, paper, and pens steals the show a la a little paint in one of my favorite shades, Valspar Lady Ophelia, and adds some pattern with Hygge and West Tassel paper. The table provides a spot for all the game nights and school projects and textiles were where we brought all the color into the space. Panels in dreamy Citrus Garden, elevate the kid-friendly spot and make it adult friendly as well. A fun rug with a vintage vibe and bright fun fabrics on upholstery bring it all in. 

The large abstract over the desk is by color genius, Mary Ann Forehand bringing the scheme all together. The yellow jars and flowers drawings, from my girl, Glory Day Loflin bring fun and whimsy to the space. We created a mix of styles with the big peices and then we added in layers of vintage with accessories. Shop the look at the bottom of the post. 

 So here's to all the back to school homework and projects, and a place to conquer them all. 

XO, Amanda Louise