One Room Challenge - Week 3 - Fall 2016

Well y'all, we are on our way! Week two of the ORC is always a little light but we really have the ball rolling now... and I couldn't be more excited. Big, big things happening this week. Chinoiserie mural is happening and it is fabulous. My way talented, super-woman friend Marquin is applying her mad talent to her walls. Crazy good! 

I am loving how the mural is spaced throughout the dining room, giving visual interest sporadically in unexpected ways. 

Our plans did take a bit of a turn this week. Marquin had painted a fab animal print and sent it off to be made into fabric. We got the samples in and decided that it just wasn't right. The scale was a little snake-skinish and they were a little darker than what we wanted... so we took a 180 degree turn, baby. Completely different direction and it is my jam. 

Green agates! from Design Legacy. Good stuff, yo, and it makes me have warm and fuzzy memories from the Spring ORC. Apparently, I have a type. 

The table setting will be all sorts of citron loveliness so you know I am happy. We are making double-sided mats to place under these fantastic bee lucite mats from Katie Kime and it is going to be the most fun. EVER. 

Are these not the coolest table accessory you have ever seen?

These lamps are getting a makeover this weekend involving some inky blue dyed shades. Yum, right? 

Also, Marquin is taking this art piece she did a while ago and revamping it to make it work in the space. Can't wait to see! 

And along with that big piece we will be sprinkling in all sorts of other art goodness.

Since the dining room is open to the living room and kitchen, we are having to make some small tweaks in both of the spaces to keep it all cohesive. These are our final pillow fabric choices! Some Neo Toile paired with Jana Bek Shagreen and some Dana Gibson thrown in the mix?! I'm so excited!

We have been unpacking box after box of fun accessories that have been rolling in and i cannot wait to start pulling them all together. There will be some major shelfies and bar cart stylings happening so watch out. 

Cheesy Jackson is also a major perk to hanging in this space! 

Peace out until next week! Check out details of what Marquin is working on and all the other ORC participants


Amanda Louise 


  1. You are killing it but I knew you would. Neo Toile is a fave (used another colorway but now dreaming of it in inky blue) the chinoiserie mural is inspired and I love cheesy Jackson. My male Golden smiles like that too!! Especially when treats are involved.

  2. This is looking great! I'm a sucker for pattern play and bold colours, and a mural always steals my heart! Can't wait to see the end product

    1. The mural is so good! I am so glad that Marquin decided to do it! It truly makes the space. Thank you for your kind words! XO

  3. This is amazing! I envy your boldness and love to see how you are incorporating such beautiful colors in your design. I can't wait for the final reveal! It's going to be a stunner!

  4. So cool! I'm loving following your blog. Check out Morgan Walker--another talented SC artist whose work would look amazing in this house. http://melving.com/

    1. Just her work out it out! Love it so muchThank you so much for the intro and thanks for your kind words! XO


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