In Sight: Recent Works by my Gals, Glory Day Loflin, Kiah Ann Bellows, and Dorothy Shain

Guys! This Friday night might end up being the best night ever. Three of my favorite artists/people are going to be in the same place with their work and you should come see it! 

This collaborative show of three artists: Glory Day Loflin, Kiah Ann Bellows, and Dorothy Shain, is so special to me. These three ladies, after attending the Penland School of Craft created this show to explore the southern landscape of South Carolina through drawing, painting and collage. SO Friday night is basically a trifecta of my favorite things: these artists, my state, and the art that these women create. 

These ladies are amazing. Young thangs huslin' everyday to make all the art, and they are getting it done. I so admire each one of them for their individual techniques, skill and general vibes. 

If you are in Greenville or anywhere near Greenville, GCCA in the village is the Friday night hopping place to be. All the cool kids will be there, promise. I'll be staring at a painting with my jaw dropped somewhere. 

Be there, or be square. 


Wedding Season Gift Guide

Ah, wedding season, how we love you so. With May almost behind us, and June straight ahead, here's a taste of what we're bridal buying this summer season. Sure these items may not be on your gals registry, but if we had a dolla for every registry visited where the goods are either sold out or what's left is a lil slim pickins, we'd be rolling in cash money. Also, who doesn't like to be surprised with a little something they haven't seen before - and when you've got engagement parties here, and kitchen showers there, it follows suit to be prepared for the matrimonies ahead. Hint, have some salt and pepper lemon shakers in yee old gift arsenal. Can I get a yellow, zesty, amen! Here are the out of the ordinary, not your everyday Herend registry gifts we're giving this wedding seaz:

Geranium Striped Pot Print - to hang in the home and make the vibes all kinds of happy

Vintage Blue and White Plate Set -  for when you don't want to use your China, and having fresh pieces to serve with is the bomb diggity

Fido Figurine - for the dog lover, because dog figurines are semi everything

The Love and Lemons Cookbook - for those making farmer's market finds into delicious vegetarian meals

Palm Stemless Wine Glass - prescribing that 5pm beverage on the beach to be all the more fancy

Breville Citrus Press - since we believe in citrus, always, in everything

B&O Play Speaker - to have constant jams of Khalid

Pineapple Knives Set - given that summer nights call for Gouda, Gouda, and more... Gouda

Capri Blue Candle - the scent of the century in the color of our every season

Jardiniere Pillow - for lounging post honeymoon

Rosé All Day Book - a tribute to Frose, and it's reigning power as queen

Lemon Salt and Pepper Shakers - Citrus. In. All. Things.

Yellow Dinner Napkins -  to make guests feel ever more valued, pull out the big stops and up the napkin game

Millifiori Jug - a favorite of all favorites, a piece that makes a tabletop 

The Art of the Cheese Plate - cheeseboard making: a craft we can all appreciate and perfect

Lemon Recipe Book -  very into the idea of sharing recipes with a bride, and handwriting them in here

Jonathan Adler Barware Set - all the more to make a merry martini with

Sundial Place Mat - the championed place mat for any summer setting

SUP Doormat - for the real rad home

Yesteryear Bowls - beautiful bowls to style on a shelf, or spread around your home with delicious treats

Shop our post below or for the big picture, check out our Pinny board here!



ORC Round Up: Spring Favorites Edition

The One Room Challenge: my bi-annual Super Bowl week where I literally take in just about every room I can manage to get to, click through, and absorb. There is so much wisdom and creative brilliance going on out there, right past the 4 walls of my office space and across state lines. So many designers crafting exquisite things. From the West coast to the East, I'm appreciative the ORC puts everyone, sponsored or not, on a regimented timeline, finale, and of course, ORC platform so that I can spend time awing at the other spaces. All designers can be so different, and to see the finales of fellow creatives is a treat. Below, we've shared our absolute 10 favorites. All so wonderful and mindful. Now two step and get to clicking!

Every year, I have a favorite. An ultimate, to which I raise my torch and think: damn, cheers, that is one bad mofo of a room. This year, there were so many good spaces. I'm talking well thought out, so smart what you did with that space, that cranny of a nook, that tier of a shelf, good, solid, rooms. Yet, when you give me a yellow dining room highlighted with placements of green and blue, and then throw customs candle sconces, the kind dreams are made of, I come running. That's why Dabito from Old Brand New is the king of the ORC castle in my eyes this time around. It's pretty much the room of my everything. You've got to see it to believe it.

I'll give one massive high-five to Mallory from Style Your Senses for this powerhouse of a nursery. I mean, I could not be more into the gingham meets floral feel. So lovely, unique, and happy. // Photo by Laura Sumrak

And then, like a gift falling from the sky, Holly from The English Room dropped this beautiful masterpiece on us all. Intro her master bedroom. The colors combined here give us just the right fix. // Photo by ea decker photography

This Grand Rapid Interiors kitchen from Abby Manchesky Interiors will make your jaw drop. I especially loved reading about Abby's note on understanding that good design changes how you live and feel in your home, a fact that I find could not be more true. // Photo by Ashley Avila

This personality filled nursery from Kate Smith Interiors and the custom dresser/changing table thats about one itty bitty all sorts of happy. 

Have any of us really lived until we've seen this particular pallet paradise from Shay of IBB Design? Idk, you tell me.

A shared bedroom for and by the daughters of Domicile 37. Wall. Paper. Party. Yo.

Sky-high tiles that line the walls of this perfectly put together kitchen by Jana Bek Design. The fixtures, chairs, artwork, all the pairings. Just so good. Photo by Marta Perez

Lovely use of both bold and light colors brought to us by J and J Design Group. // Photo by John Woodcock

Green with envy dining room from Maggie at Maggie Overby Studios. I'm just so impressed with the impact made here, and the use of jewel tones.


One Room Challenge Reveal: Spring 2017: Color Happy Living Room

Y'all! It's here! One Room Challenge reveal day and I couldn't be happier. Other than the fact that I'm jonesing to make my way through all the details of every dang space in this thing, it's time to take a big deep breath! We made it through the finish line. This is the closest I will ever get to the feeling of a marathon. I know that fo sho. 

My girl Caroline, who's the right hand lady of ALI, moved into her families new home six weeks ago. With the perfecto timing of this thing amping up, we knew we had to conquer one of her spaces for the ORC. 

Enter the beigest living room in all the land. We knew we could cure it with a does of color, pattern and of course a ridiculous amount of artwork, so that we did. 

Remember this before? Not a lot going on. Except Totes the Dood who missed our model call and had to hit the salon on final photo day, when we shot our reveal photos with Courtney Malone Photography. She is the bomb-diggity and we owe her many thanks for capturing our space! 

If you missed it, check our progress throughout the last six week and see how all this color and pattern showed up and did it's thang. 

Check our Pinterest board for links to similar items! 

This whole thing wouldn't happen without the lovely Linda from Calling it Home who started this shindig and the fabulous friends at House Beautiful as media sponsors. 

Of course, please check out all of the wonderful, fantastic, rad, people who helped make all of this happen. I can't even believe that so many beautiful peeps were down to collab with us on this crazy fast-paced race of a room; it absolutely would not be the same without them. 

Ready to dive in? Let's go!


Thanks so so much for following along! Now, go get cozy and check all the other amazing spaces in the ORC Link up