One Room Challenge: Week 5

This has been the craziest, nonstop, nutso week and this post is late. But, that's life sometimes. That's life lately. Life lately has also consisted of a lot of time with Stephanie from Olive and Tate working on the One Room Challenge. I seriously cannot believe that we wrapped the room real real late last night and the talented Luke Cleland from Cleland Studios photographed it this morning for us. I am so excited for this space but also sad that Stephanie isn't required to hang with me anymore.

Here are a ton of sneak peaks before we reveal the whole room next week. I LOVE this space. 

Elizabeth from Wheaton and Whaley hooked us up with most of the pillows in the room and I cannot believe how fun these tassel pillows are. How could you not love tassels? These little babes tie our color scheme for the space together perfectly. Stephanie had the larger pillow hiding in the guest room and they were perfect to add color and fill the deep seat of these chairs. 

Palm leaf, greek key, malachite: Yes, yes, yes. Elizabeth set us up with these guys and then we threw in a floral that I had in my vast pillow collection to tie the pallet together. Kevin is thanking Stephanie for taking just one pillow off his hands. He now has one less to throw on the floor. 

Side note: I have the most patient husband in the world and I know he loves me so much because he lets me have so many pillows and only complains about them once a month or so. 

Marquin from Marquin Designs painted the most amazing piece for the space. It is crazy crazy beautiful and I am majorly obsessed. I can't wait for you all to see how it is the focal point of the room. 

Tj Breil from Slab Woodworking made these awesome custom bamboo finials. This kid can do anything. 

Bennett's Frame and Art Gallery put the most beautiful floater frame around the piece. Hints of gold, silver, and wood tones that are present throughout the room. On point and it showcases the art piece perfectly. 

Here is a sneak of the ikea Lenda panels that we added some excitement to with a silk band on the bottom and a gray an persimmon tape to draw the color of the room up to the ceiling. Also, 
this Couture Lamps lamp found at Homegoods and the Target copper table that I am OBSESSED with. 

This tape. I just melt a little inside every time I see it. Perfect persimmon pop. 

Here is a peak of the accent wall painted by Andrea and the wood top that Tj Breil also did on the Billy Bookcase Ikea Hack. 

We found this beauty of a green rug for a steal on Wayfair and it breaks up the neutral jute. This CB2 table is so baby friendly. Like so baby friendly. Since it's been in the space, which is more or less a day, I have seen it been used in so many ways by the babe of the house: a coloring table that was completely wipeable, the platform for an impressive belly slide, and a fort that has great lighting... no sharp corner injuries to boot. We covered these Amazon poufs that tuck under for footstools or act as a perch to pull up to the table. This little green oasis in the tan sand might be my favorite part of the room. 

We decided to use small tray tables from hobby lobby to set up "His and Hers" bar carts on different sides of the room. The girl side is fully of all the sparkly, bubbly, yummy things you can think of and the boys side is full of boyish, bourbony, Clemsony things. 

These trays fold up too, so these honeys can come out when the good times are rolling and fold back up when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the entertainment of choice. 

Now for the reveal of the "Oh, dear" green chairs. I am only sharing them because I now have ammunition to defend myself with sneak peaks of the new "Oh, so good" versions. 

Here you go... Remember, I know they are bad. You don't have to tell me. 

Looks like you could just shoot pool right there on the seat. That wood also looks like the lever on a La-Z-Boy. All things to consider when trying to pair emerald green with a pool table and light leverish wood. Lesson learned and here, I now redeem myself. 

So there you go, week 5. Next week we will be sharing the completed space and that just blows my mind. This time has flown. Vacation is also next week so after a big day of work tomorrow, there is going to be some major celebration. Major. 

Check out all the other One Room Challenge Participants at Calling It Home. This has been such a fun experience that has allowed me to work with so many incredible people. Happy Weekend, Friends. 


  1. First, why don't men get throw pillows?? They are the best :) Second, Oh my gosh girl. And this isn't even the full reveal. Every little thing is fabulous and so perfect. I love the colors to start with so I can't get enough!!! Love your posts. Enjoy vacay. Hope it's fab!! Maybe you can get a throw pillow souvenir :)))))

    1. A throw pillow souvenir is maybe the best idea ever, as long as no one tells poor Kevin!

  2. Thank you, dear! I don't get the pillow thing either. I can sit on the sofa without moving any pillows and he can't have one on the sofa. Boys are weird but he is a trooper. Thank you. Looking forward to vacation. It is time!

  3. Oo the chairs look fab now! And love all the other sneak peeks!

    1. Thank you! It was a major transformation from the green!


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