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I am so excited about this event. The lovely Jana Bek (you know, fab interior designer, lamp-maker, and textile designer) asked me to take part in a #CameraReadyInteriors blog collaboration with 23 crazy talented designers to highlight the photographers who capture our work so well. I think this is the best idea. These photos drive our business. These spaces are enjoyed and lived in by the homeowners but until photographers do their thing, sharing the space is nearly impossible.

These wonderful, lovely, talented and oh-so patient saints of photographers have to jump many a hurdle to give us those perfectly styled images that we long for of our spaces. And we certainly don't make it easy on them.

 To put you in my shoes for photo day, I'll paint a picture.

There's probably one tiny ounce of light sneaking in a window across the house as your photographer tries to shoot the wallpaper in a windowless powder room that you insist on having a picture of. You just say sorry, smile, and offer more coffee. Right out of the shot there is a 5 ft tall pile of miscellaneous shoes, dog toys, soccer balls, stuffed animals, mail, and laundry because there is an actual family who lives in this space and they left for work/school five minutes before you and your photographer got there to shoot. While making this pile, you smile and offer a muffin. There is most likely a dog... a big bumbly dog who makes for great pictures and is precious, but also wants to eat the one million dollar camera. At this point offer the dog a bone and get him away from that camera, because one million dollars was probably an exaggeration but it's closer than you think. Promise. Theres a  weird light coming in and bed sheets must be adhered to windows with painters tape in order to keep the said weird light out. Smile and suggest that it's time for lunch (I've learned that a fed photographer is a happy photographer). Even if you thought the space was 100% perfect and finished, every single thing must be moved for photos. Nothing translates the same, so your understanding, kind, and patient photographer will help you rearrange the room ten times to figure out what translates best on camera. Just say Thank you. Oh yeah, and you are looking at every shot as it's taken to decide which pillows need tweaking... a photographers dream. All of this to say, photographers are magic.

That's an exaggerated picture of photoshoot day, although all of those things definitely have happened.

Photo shoot days really are the best days. Despite the challenges our talented photographers face, they enjoy it (or at least pretend to) and these days are always crazy fun. I am so glad they put up with all the hubbub to capture these spaces for us. There is absolutely nothing like seeing a space you created in professional photo form. It's seriously like Christmas every time I get photos back. These people deserve so much credit.

First up is Luke Cleland of Cleland Studios. Luke has been shooting my spaces from the beginning. We have watched our businesses grow together and that has been so fun and encouraging. At this point, Luke knows exactly what shots I want and gets them every time. He comes to town and we shoot for days getting photos of all the things. We are zombies by the end of the week. Then, I get to nap all weekend, while Luke still has the job of editing the millions of photos that give me content for all my social media channels, blog, ads, and website. Getting these images in no joke and Luke takes providing me with content very seriously. He knows how to squeeze a million photos out of a space getting every last detail. So much gratitude here. My business certainly wouldn't be where it is today without Luke's work. Check out Luke's work here and here.

Next up is Kim Gibson. This Lady. She is one of the nicest, best people I have ever met... and crazy talented to boot. I met Kim when she shot a dinner I styled this Summer for Greenville Creatives that was featured on the Southern Living Blog. This dinner was a magical night and Kim captured every detail beautifully. While shooting, Kim had every one involved with the dinner in mind. You could tell she was thinking about content for everyone involved throughout the whole night while snapping photos. None of us were disappointed.

Kim then took these crazy beautiful photos of Maisy and I... and when I said "Hey, I want you to take photos of me and my dog," she was like "of course". Then I knew we were kindred spirits. These photos of my sweet baby girl are precious to me and I love Kim and her lovely self for capturing them.

Now, Kim shoots some spaces for me and helps createblog content. So Thankful for this lady! Kim's work can be seen here and here.

I am so excited to share the work of these two talented people with y'all. My business would seriously not be what it is today if I didn't have quality photos and these two people on my side.

I cannot wait to see the work of all the other photographers that are being highlighted through #CameraReadyInteriors. Search through the hashtag or the links are below for all the other designers that are sharing. Some major design crushes and crazy talented girl bosses here.

Happy Friday Y'all! XO, Amanda Louise

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