Pattern Play Nursery

Happy Weekend, friends! I'm dropping in to share this fun nursery we worked on last year. 

All the colors, all the patterns... just how I like it and I can promise you, that this kid is visually stimulated. 

We started with the space that was overwhelmed by a whole bunch of paneling... but it was pretty rad paneling so we just decided to add to and make it all work with textiles, art, and accessories. 

We jazzed up the crib with a custom crib skirt, rail guard, and some pillows that come out when le babe is sleeping and mom can use to get comfy in the chair. 

I got crafty and made the mobile from some Target Christmas ornaments and odd and end wood pieces from the craft store. We used some poufs and had them covered in a fun polka dot to create a little reading or play area on the floor. 

Everything was chosen with growth in mind. I love to use fabrics and patterns that can transition into a big boy room and aren't marked as baby only. 

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Now, go do some fun weekend things! 


All-American Abode

Happy Bday to the US of A! To celebrate we are whipping out this red, white and blue extravaganza of a home we created for a family earlier this year. 

When I was called in, this home built in the 80s was an explosion of black and gold wallpaper, crazy-huge crystal chandeliers, black and white checkered floors, floor sized tile on the backsplash, yellow oaky tones, heavy glazed cabinetry.... ya feel? It all had to go, yo.

So when we initially sat down to discuss the vision for the renovation, I will not lie, I didn't quite know how I would handle the request for all the American hues. These Texan-transplant clients expressed their love for this star-spangled scheme and I went to work, figuring out how to make all of their American dreams come true without making this place feel like a parade. Enter, strategic color.

The kitchen was where we went full on flag. The barstools added a pop of red that we paired with the island in navy. The footprint of the kitchen was there, we just updated with paint, countertops, tile and lighting. For paint, we paired, SW Naval, Worldly Gray, Snowbound and Antique Red to create a choir that sings, "land of the free, home of the brave" on repeat... or "God Bless Texas" if these homeowners are missing their roots. 

The lanterns were ordered from Ballard in red but had to be brightened up with a coat of SW Antique Red to match the intensity of the barstools, and to keep the color scheme bright and bold and not muted Americana. 

We made this bank of cabinetry feel like the most VIP in all the land, adding an accent of blue and white cement tile sourced locally from Clayton Tile. We had a fireworks show in celebration of this chance to add some pattern in the kitchen. JK, but we should have. 

Looking into the living room, we kept the color scheme going strong but introduced more abstracted hues. A more mellow blue adds some interesrt to the existing mantle and the stone was white washed to give it a new - very welcomed - brightness. 

Our red paired with softer hues, went a little less firetruck in this space and we introduced yellows and golds to add a new element of color. Marquin's super-sized (the most American size) masterpiece pulled the space together. 

In the dining room, mirrors and crystals galore were ripped out and more casual elements entered. Wallpaper in the back of the hutch - which we raved about our love for, last week - adds some interest and makes the items on display look more collected. All around, just a good place for a good ol' American supper. 

Last but not least, Antique Red has it's solo performance in the kid's hang space where I am sure patriotic Olympic table tennis stars are being cultivated on the daily. 

And just like that, we have you singing "I'm proud to be an American", standing next to your grill, right behind your white picket fence. I just saw and eagle soar above you followed by a trio of fireworks. In between flipping patties, you just hugged your neighbor that sits right across party lines and although you should really be congratulated for your multi-tasking skills of doing all this and reading a blog... this house should really be congratulated because, it just unified America! 

Have a happy fourth and be safe! You can find me in a closet or under the bed with a pup who thinks the world is ending when the firecrackers start raining down. If you're forced to be in solitary confinement on the fourth like me, you can at least shop this look via Pinterest or below. 

Peace, Amanda Louise 


Wallpaper Partay

Wallpapes oh wallpapes, how we love you so. There are so many ways with which we can use these perfect rolls of paper, each serving a very different aesthetic and purpose from the rest.

Take for instance the concept of singularly using a pattern of paper on only one wall in a room (Aka accent wall-papering). You'll get an entirely different look than you would covering all four walls with the same pattern.

Or how about running rolls up a wall and onto the ceiling? Often underused, this method invites a room to have the major attention is deserves. Kid you not, it also makes you want to spend all the more time in this space.

There's the favorite feature of running them papes in a dining room from the top of the ceiling to just above the chair rail. Or doing your due diligence in a powder room, giving it all the color, and covering every inch of those walls with pattern that makes you want to hug such a place of powdering.

All of the above concepts are equally turn-down-for-what legit, but none of these tickle our fancy like the method we love most: shelfie wallpapering.

Give us a shelf, well thought out patterns, and the wonderful workings Denise, Greenville's OG wallpaper install queen. And swish swish bish, it's on. For this is the tactic that makes your styled items look their very best, while also pulling the entire room in. Those dog figurines? Look way more exciting behind wallpaper happenings. How's it for the antique books that have been in your family for eons? Looking like dimes against a special print. No barenaked bookcases here, ya mean.

Shelf wallpapering works stellar in the open shelving of a kitchen, or the built ins of your living room. Try it in your wet bar or on a bookshelf in the kid's playroom. When in doubt, wallpaper it out homies. Stacks on stacks, rolls on rolls. We believe in adding all the colors and patterns to a shelving backdrop; because lbh, it's the bow of a bookshelf, and a dang grand finale.

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Hippity Hop Living Room

Hippity hop, don't stop. When we started working on this project, our clients, in the midst of a renovation, got hit with a 1-2 punch in the health department. Needless to say, it was scary stuff and disarray on the homefront. Creating a happy space was number one on our agenda, and when this dear client professed her love for all things bunny, visions of Hunt Slonem flashed in my head . We knew it had to be the jumping off point for this space.

Like most of our spaces, this one was all about balance. Old with new. Tradition with funk. Bright colors with neutrals. Small prints among large prints. Pieces with sentiment mixed with new pieces that pull our design concept together... etc, etc, etc.

The client had a very traditional collection of rabbit oil paintings and although she still loves them, they needed to be balanced with some bright hues and funk to match her now oh-so-colorful style. Enter Hunt and off we went. Doing our thing with color and pattern.

We brought in one of our favorite Bassett sofas with greek key arm details in a masculine stripe to balance some of the more feminine patterns in the space. Recovering chairs that were in the living room before, we brought in a mix of huge orange buffalo check, small prints, some florals... and you can't ignore the base layer of pattern with that blue leopard print situation.

Accessories and art were where this one really came together. That calm Kiah Bellows landscape over the mantle draws you in while it partners with the much-more-bold Kim Hassold floral.

Overall, this bright happy space is what it's all about: creating spaces that people can enjoy time in, spaces that act as a haven from some of the not-so-fun realities of life, and spaces that reflect their passions, loves, and personalities.

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