One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week 4

Photos: Emily Bolt 

Y'all! It is like Christmas morning around here. Can't you picture this pile under the tree - basically my dream loot from Santa, himself. A big pile of pillows and some absolutely gorgeous Greenville art. Stuff for the One Room Challenge is rolling in!

This week we finally trasitioned from everything-is-happening-behind-the-scenes progress to woah-look-at-the-real-life-stuff-that-is-actually-in-the-space kind of progress (hello week four! It's about time) and we couldn't be more thrilled with how it's all coming together. We've got our textiles, aka plenty of pillows from Larkin Lane, MiniMalist Shop, and Anthro.... and the art. 

Y'all know that nothing makes my heart skip a beat like a piece of original art and especially when it comes from two of my fave Greenville girls: Teresa Roche and Meredith Piper. I think every space should have art in it. Every. Single. One. So, when working with outdoor spaces (that are covered) the best way to make this happen, is to go for paintings on wood panels. 

Teresa Roche (one of the lovliest peeps you'll ever meet in your whole darn life), artist and owner of Art and Light Gallery (one of the lovliest places you'll ever visit in your whole darn life) created this big, graphic, piece with black lines as our big statement piece for the space. Teresa knocked this one out of the park. The lines are perfect and faintest touches of our accent colors bring it all in. 

Then, of course porches are for plants and with the winter season rolling in faster than I even want to think about, Meredith Piper's Plants on Pink will provide some tropical vibes all year long. Meredith, a Greenville transplant, has settled in to our art community and is making waves with her gorgeous paintings and really rad encased weavings - and she's a pleasure to boot. So thrilled with how these beauts are adding all the right vibes to the porch partay. 

And here's a kicker for you, there was an extra week added to this ORC thang. Hallelujah! So, we have three more posts to make this thing come together - which is great, because we just settled on our rug, that you fine peeps helped us choose via Insta Stories. The big reveal on that will be next week! 

Jenny, Boho Style File, and I will be working booties off this weekend making lots of stuff happen and I cannot wait to see the space come together. Follow along, peeps and we will see you for week 5! 

Amanda Louise 

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