One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week 1

Photos: Emily Bolt 

Y'all! I seriously cannot even believe that it's One Room Challenge time again. In the Spring and Fall each year, Linda from Calling it Home hosts this six week completely-transform-a-space challenge and I jump all in. I feel like my seasons are starting to be marked by this crazy thing, and much like the weather change signifying the coming of fall... the (somewhat- hello, fall in the south) crisp air is also starting to mean that the fall ORC is going to be a major part of life for the next bit. 

There's nothing like the community the ORC creates and the feeling of everyone rooting all the other rooms along is unmatched.  Always a crazy whirlwind of late night diy, last minute begging the workroom to get those pillows done just in time, "uh-oh that didn't quite pan out", early morning blog post publishing just before the buzzer, and keeping your fingers crossed that everything will work out just fine... Bring it, One Room Challenge.  

Six weeks is a tiny amount of time to transform a space, but it helps to have a partner in crime. So, my girl, Jenny from Boho Style File and I are teaming up to take on her covered back porch. This spot was no doubt made for all things lounging, entertaining, and just overall enjoying life, but unfortunately le porch is not meeting it's full potential. Let me tell you, Jenny and her husband, Ryan know how to live it up- and the porch is the one not pulling it's weight in the chill or party departments. Good thing, we are ready to get it in ship-shape. 

So, enter our plan full of life. Taking a hint from Jenny's color and pattern (conveniently my favorite things) filled wardrobe that she rocks, I came up with a plan for the space that's bold, lived in, and cozy. Everything you need for a fall porch... with some good food and football added in. 

We have some of our fave peeps/brands/finds lined up to help us pull this thing off and I can't wait to dive into details next week.  In the mean time, head over to Jenny's blog to see her perspective on the project, check out all the other participants and see our super duper blank slate below. Like super blank. 

XO, Amanda Louise 


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