One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week Two

And just like that, it's already week two of the One Room Challenge. Aren't there some ah-mazing plans out there?! Check in on everyone else's week two progress on the Calling it Home Blog. I cannot wait to see what's in store for so many spaces. 

This week, alllll the textiles started rolling in for us and I am so stinking excited about the mix. We decided that because the space was covered and didn't have issues with weather, we were going to branch out from only using indoor/outdoor textiles to make it truly feel like and outdoor room. We are bringing in all the textures and patterns and I can't wait to see them all lookin' pretty in the space.  

The first box we opened was from Larkin Lane. A wonderland of all the color and pattern. I am major swooning over the Cabo Mexican Otomi Pillow and the Ikat pillow that we chose to add a little boho flair to our space and I love this brand so much, taking inspiration and finds from travel to create the most beautiful pillows, accessories, and garments! I am 100% putting this clutch on my Christmas list. 

Next up, MINImalist Shop in the house adding a little neutral to the mix. This shop has the most  dreamy textiles that you can think of from bedding to dog beds to literally the cutest little kids button downs I've ever seen. We chose the Black Tie-dye lumbar and the Plus Mudcloth pillow for the space to add some killer texture and depth of color. 

We wanted to pull in the blue-purpley hues that are in the ikat pillow from Larkin Lane so I knew the perfect fabric to make that happen. Marquin Campbell's Cobalt Brush Stroke Fabrics. I love that it takes the purple hues in a bluer direction and we are going to pair a fun green on the back of two pillows using the fabric. 

On top of that, we ordered two cuties from Anthropologie that just came in. A yellow velvet piece of magic with big, huge gray tassels - you know, just all of my dreams in a pillow. And then, this pom pom beauty. 

And lastly in the fabric department mix, we have some yardage of this Justina Blakeny Confetti fabric from Tonic Living headed our way to cover two seat cushions on the most beautiful Kenian Chippendale Rattaan Chairs. This might be what I am most excited about out of the whole darn space. 

We are still on the look out for the perfect fabric to slipcover the daybed cushion in, so hopefully next week, we will have some progress to share on that front! 

Ok, so until next week - a la week three of the ORC! Happy week, friends! 

XO, Amanda Louise 

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