One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week 5

How is it Week 5 already?! This One Room Challenge has flown by and this week, our space is finally starting to look like a room. We've got a rug! We've got chair cushions! And, we've got a cover on our daybed!

With the help of y'all via Insta Stories, we were able to choose this rug from Overstock.... that I love. I don't usually go for the neutral option but I think this guy is going to be the perfect backdrop for the boat-load of color thats about to be piled onto this space.

I love how our Chippendale chairs from Kenian blend in the space, but provide a spot to insert a bold dose-o-color. We chose Justina Blakeney's Om Confetti fabric from Tonic Living for the seat cushions and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out and the punch that fabric packs. Tonic Living is one of my favorite places to source fabric because it's a wonderfully curated collection of fabrics by the yard and pillows without any of the junk. It's all so beautiful and the collection makes it so easy to mix and match colors and patterns.

Our daybed fabric is covered in a Guatemalan fabric that we found on etsy. Once all of our pillows are in the space, this guy is going to tie all of our colors together. Also, a little PSA that our daybed is 40% off right now.

I am also so excited about the pillows we got back from the work room this week in fabric from Marquin Designs. This is one of my favorite prints of hers and I love that it introduces a bit of blue to our space that was getting a little heavy on the pinks and yellows. 

On the agenda for next week... Jenny from Boho Style File and I will have lots of late nights, drinking lots of wine trying to FINISH the space and share a sneak peak with y'all. We've got a lot to get done and we better get gettin'. Shop the Space below!

Amanda Louise

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