The time of year for "Hocus Pocus", "It's a Great Pumpkin, CB", all the candy in all the land, and spooking up your space!

Here's all the stuff I'm crushing on to add the Hallow's Eve jazz to any home. 

We've got spooky bats - which aren't allowed in our personal home, because of a really long story that consists of Kevin and I sitting on our back deck, Kevin getting bitten by a bat, and the two of us spending a summer getting a series of rabies shots. So no bats allowed here, but you should have them. 

A real bad lamp that's real rad for any time of the year. Pillows and candlesticks that can stand the test of time throughout all the seasons. Striped candles and doormats and pumpkins- oh my! 

Cheers to all the orange things! 
Amanda Louise 

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