One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week Three

Ok, y'all here we are at the half-way mark of this crazy little thing we call the One Room Challenge. Jenny from Boho Style File and I are working hard- pulling all the components together for her back porch that we will be revealing in 3 short weeks! 

The major progress we made this week (aside from lots of goodies being made at the workroom and for the walls by our friends) was unpacking the beautiful rattan chairs from Kenian! I mean, swoon! Right?! 

 I so love the color of these and how they fade into the space... and although this room looks like a big dose of all the shades of white right now, it won't for long. All you have to do is look at this pic from last week that shows all the textiles that we are about to layer in!  

So with all those textiles, we need the perfect rug to work in. From the beginning we have been eyeing that neutral guy in the middle of the pic below. But, you know me - I needed to at least provide Jenny with at least a few colorful options. Although I really do love the neutral and think it would be lovely as a backdrop for all the other colors.  Hopefully we will be able to make a decision on this today and have one to show you next week! 

Here's my thoughts on all of our choices: I love the pink but after looking at reviews- it says it's similar to a yoga mat, sooooo I'm thinking no on that one. The neutral one really does catch my eye even though, I'm always a more is more kinda girl. The yellow sort of has my heart but I wonder if it would compete too much with all of our other colors (who would have thought I would ever have that thought?!) Blue- I think is a nice touch to break up the pinks and the green sort of does the same but might get mirky. So, we shall see! There isn't a lot of time to ponder this one.

Onward to week 4 we go! Peace out, friends! 

Amanda Louise 

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