One Room Challenge - Week 5 - Fall 2016

How is it Week 5 of the ORC already? This is nuts. Week 5 has been somewhat of a desert land on my part. Marquin's been working on lots of things, but the remainder of my responsibilities (i.e. all the styling) kick in this weekend and then our photoshoot is Monday. All that to say, I don't have much to show you here, so we are going to talk about tassels. Always a good plan of action in my book. 

I am just going to throw out a little nugget of wisdom for you... Pillows always look better with pups next to them, but if you can draw your eyes away from precious Jackson for just a second, take a peek at that tassel on the corner of the Neo Toile pillow. 

This is such a fun way to add some pizzazz to pillows and it might be the easiest thing you can make. Ever.  You start with some very high tech, specific materials: wood, nails, and string. 

Nail said nails into the board a little farther apart than the desired size for your finished tassel. 

Now, wrap the string around the tassels. If you are making multiples and need them to be roughly the same size, it is a good idea to count how many time you wrap the string to keep the size consistent. 

Close to one of the nails, take another piece of string and gather one end. 

Cut the opposite end. 

And there you have it. It's tassel time and you can spend your tassel time however you choose. I chose to sew them into the corners of these yummy pillows or rather have my very, very talented, lovely seamstress do it. 

The final reveal is next week and I seriously cannot even wait to show y'all what's up. You'll totally forget that this week's post was only about tassels, I promise. 

XO, Amanda Louise 


  1. What a cute, simple, totally do-able idea! Looking forward to seeing the big transformation, hard to believe we have just one week to go! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

  2. I know! I seriously can't believe that the reveal is less than a week away! Your bathroom is looking great! XO


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