One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week Three

Ok, y'all here we are at the half-way mark of this crazy little thing we call the One Room Challenge. Jenny from Boho Style File and I are working hard- pulling all the components together for her back porch that we will be revealing in 3 short weeks! 

The major progress we made this week (aside from lots of goodies being made at the workroom and for the walls by our friends) was unpacking the beautiful rattan chairs from Kenian! I mean, swoon! Right?! 

 I so love the color of these and how they fade into the space... and although this room looks like a big dose of all the shades of white right now, it won't for long. All you have to do is look at this pic from last week that shows all the textiles that we are about to layer in!  

So with all those textiles, we need the perfect rug to work in. From the beginning we have been eyeing that neutral guy in the middle of the pic below. But, you know me - I needed to at least provide Jenny with at least a few colorful options. Although I really do love the neutral and think it would be lovely as a backdrop for all the other colors.  Hopefully we will be able to make a decision on this today and have one to show you next week! 

Here's my thoughts on all of our choices: I love the pink but after looking at reviews- it says it's similar to a yoga mat, sooooo I'm thinking no on that one. The neutral one really does catch my eye even though, I'm always a more is more kinda girl. The yellow sort of has my heart but I wonder if it would compete too much with all of our other colors (who would have thought I would ever have that thought?!) Blue- I think is a nice touch to break up the pinks and the green sort of does the same but might get mirky. So, we shall see! There isn't a lot of time to ponder this one.

Onward to week 4 we go! Peace out, friends! 

Amanda Louise 


The time of year for "Hocus Pocus", "It's a Great Pumpkin, CB", all the candy in all the land, and spooking up your space!

Here's all the stuff I'm crushing on to add the Hallow's Eve jazz to any home. 

We've got spooky bats - which aren't allowed in our personal home, because of a really long story that consists of Kevin and I sitting on our back deck, Kevin getting bitten by a bat, and the two of us spending a summer getting a series of rabies shots. So no bats allowed here, but you should have them. 

A real bad lamp that's real rad for any time of the year. Pillows and candlesticks that can stand the test of time throughout all the seasons. Striped candles and doormats and pumpkins- oh my! 

Cheers to all the orange things! 
Amanda Louise 


One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week Two

And just like that, it's already week two of the One Room Challenge. Aren't there some ah-mazing plans out there?! Check in on everyone else's week two progress on the Calling it Home Blog. I cannot wait to see what's in store for so many spaces. 

This week, alllll the textiles started rolling in for us and I am so stinking excited about the mix. We decided that because the space was covered and didn't have issues with weather, we were going to branch out from only using indoor/outdoor textiles to make it truly feel like and outdoor room. We are bringing in all the textures and patterns and I can't wait to see them all lookin' pretty in the space.  

The first box we opened was from Larkin Lane. A wonderland of all the color and pattern. I am major swooning over the Cabo Mexican Otomi Pillow and the Ikat pillow that we chose to add a little boho flair to our space and I love this brand so much, taking inspiration and finds from travel to create the most beautiful pillows, accessories, and garments! I am 100% putting this clutch on my Christmas list. 

Next up, MINImalist Shop in the house adding a little neutral to the mix. This shop has the most  dreamy textiles that you can think of from bedding to dog beds to literally the cutest little kids button downs I've ever seen. We chose the Black Tie-dye lumbar and the Plus Mudcloth pillow for the space to add some killer texture and depth of color. 

We wanted to pull in the blue-purpley hues that are in the ikat pillow from Larkin Lane so I knew the perfect fabric to make that happen. Marquin Campbell's Cobalt Brush Stroke Fabrics. I love that it takes the purple hues in a bluer direction and we are going to pair a fun green on the back of two pillows using the fabric. 

On top of that, we ordered two cuties from Anthropologie that just came in. A yellow velvet piece of magic with big, huge gray tassels - you know, just all of my dreams in a pillow. And then, this pom pom beauty. 

And lastly in the fabric department mix, we have some yardage of this Justina Blakeny Confetti fabric from Tonic Living headed our way to cover two seat cushions on the most beautiful Kenian Chippendale Rattaan Chairs. This might be what I am most excited about out of the whole darn space. 

We are still on the look out for the perfect fabric to slipcover the daybed cushion in, so hopefully next week, we will have some progress to share on that front! 

Ok, so until next week - a la week three of the ORC! Happy week, friends! 

XO, Amanda Louise 


One Room Challenge - Porch Partay - Week 1

Photos: Emily Bolt 

Y'all! I seriously cannot even believe that it's One Room Challenge time again. In the Spring and Fall each year, Linda from Calling it Home hosts this six week completely-transform-a-space challenge and I jump all in. I feel like my seasons are starting to be marked by this crazy thing, and much like the weather change signifying the coming of fall... the (somewhat- hello, fall in the south) crisp air is also starting to mean that the fall ORC is going to be a major part of life for the next bit. 

There's nothing like the community the ORC creates and the feeling of everyone rooting all the other rooms along is unmatched.  Always a crazy whirlwind of late night diy, last minute begging the workroom to get those pillows done just in time, "uh-oh that didn't quite pan out", early morning blog post publishing just before the buzzer, and keeping your fingers crossed that everything will work out just fine... Bring it, One Room Challenge.  

Six weeks is a tiny amount of time to transform a space, but it helps to have a partner in crime. So, my girl, Jenny from Boho Style File and I are teaming up to take on her covered back porch. This spot was no doubt made for all things lounging, entertaining, and just overall enjoying life, but unfortunately le porch is not meeting it's full potential. Let me tell you, Jenny and her husband, Ryan know how to live it up- and the porch is the one not pulling it's weight in the chill or party departments. Good thing, we are ready to get it in ship-shape. 

So, enter our plan full of life. Taking a hint from Jenny's color and pattern (conveniently my favorite things) filled wardrobe that she rocks, I came up with a plan for the space that's bold, lived in, and cozy. Everything you need for a fall porch... with some good food and football added in. 

We have some of our fave peeps/brands/finds lined up to help us pull this thing off and I can't wait to dive into details next week.  In the mean time, head over to Jenny's blog to see her perspective on the project, check out all the other participants and see our super duper blank slate below. Like super blank. 

XO, Amanda Louise 


Hello, One Room Challenge! A Throwback to Past ORC's

Y'all! It's that time. I can't believe the One Room Challenge starts this week and I am so excited about what Jenny from Boho Style File and I have up our sleeves. 

For those of you new to the scene, the One Room Challenge is a blogging event that takes place biannually. Within a six-week period those participating completely transform a space and give weekly updates on the progress. I've taken part in three rounds now, partnering with a different lovely-lady-friend each time. 

Here's a trip down ORC memory lane... 

The first time around in the Spring of '16, Stephanie from Olive and Tate showed me the ropes on all the ORC (and all things blogging, for that matter) as we tackled her living room. We turned it from drab to fab, pool table and all... 

Spring 2016 One Room Challenge 
Week Six - Reveal 

Round Two: Marquin Campbell  and I pulled together her open living room/dining room and this was my favorite moment...

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge 

And lastly the ORC that was my fave, my gal Caroline and I took her living room from oh-so-beige to bold-dose-o-color filled with plenty of pattern to boot.

Spring 2017 One Room Challenge 
Week Six - Reveal 

So, onward we go! ORC numero four - let's do this thang. See y'all Thursday!

Amanda Louise 



Can y'all believe fall is finally here?! Well, I am jazzed and here are all the things I'm crushing on for this new season. Velvets, vibrant hues, and all the pattern. I am gearing up for a couple of October trips and some fall entertaining so the prep begins. Here's to all things fall, friends! 

Amanda Louise 


Color, Pattern, and Art Partay... Dining Room

Photos: Luke Cleland 

Y'all! Happy Sunday! Over the past couple of weeks, I've shared this clients home full of color, pattern, and art. We looked at the living room, the office/craft room/homework spot, and now to the dining room! Currently we're working on the kitchen and cabinets just got installed this week (Insert squeal of delight, here). This home is far from finished, but I am so so jazzed with the completed spaces so far! I absolutely cannot wait to see the kitchen and remaining spaces come together and share it with y'all, but this project has been a dream and I don't really want it to ever wrap. I think I might start working really slowly just to drag it out as long as possible.

I can't think about this space without thinking of this one time, when I posted a process pic of the space and Pottery Barn reposted on Insta to feature their chandelier. Beige-loving PB enthusiasts were not kind to this space and my fave comment was that a "color-blind grandma must have decorated it"... Well, here I am. One color-blind grandma at your service! Funny now- not so funny then. Now, I take it as a compliment and in my rebranding I might just take that as my tagline... THANKS, mean internet peeps. 

Amanda Louise 
Grandma at Heart
Residential Design for the Color Blind

JK, JK... but you have to be able to laugh at it, right? I mean, my style can be a lot. I know that, you know that. And that's why we're here and not wandering the aisles of PB (which I actually love in small doses). Who hasn't seen something they thought was ugly on the internet? I know I have, but never ever have I thought, "Oh man, I should tell them what I think about this... because obviously they care about what I think and my opinion matters." 

I basically felt like sharing that because, now it makes me giggle, and also because it allowed me to insert a mini essay here on how sucky the internet can be and how it makes us not act like we are actually interacting with other humans... So, now that we've all laughed about that...  onto all the details of this space that I and the peeps that live there think is all sorts of rad and an immense thankfulness for the internet because that's where I get to connect with all of you lovelies. 

Dining room things... We've got ample seating for dinner parties and holidays, pretty modern shelves to display serving pieces and glassware, all the color and pattern, and lots of wall space for artwork. 

We started with a big Erin Gregory canvas from One Kings Lane and then layered lots of local and vintage artwork on top of that. Fruit and plant pieces from the lovely Glory Day Loflin, landscapes on either side of the doorway and to the left of the window from the insanely talented Kiah Bellows , and another piece by the window from one of my favorite peeps in whole dang world, Teresa Roche

Overall this space is ready for Thanksgiving which will be here, like tomorrow... ready to get down with some turkey and dressing and celebrate like it's 1621. We just have to pull their kitchen together so that there's an oven to cook said turkey in before the big day. 

Shop the post below, friends! 

Amanda Louise