Spring ORC - Week 5 - Gallery Wall Spotlight

Y'all, Week 5 of the One Room Challenge is here. For the past five weeks Caroline and I have been working our bootays off on her living room. We have the ball a 'rollin and our gallery wall full of work from some of my favorite people in the world is hung. 

I can't wait to show you all our finished space, and I seriously can't wait to spend a massive chunk of time looking through reveals next Wednesday and Thursday. But for now, let me talk about some of these said fave peeps that adorn the Stephen's LR walls. 

The art is truly what has pulled this living room together and it is all rad. 

First up, if you follow me on insta or have spent any time with me, you've probably 1) seen me post about Glory Day Loflin's work 2) heard me go on and on about her happy paintings or 3) seen a myriad of her work floating around my house. I'm mildly obsessed partly because her subject matter seems to align with most of my favorite things: pups, pattern, and a healthy dose of happy hues. And along with her crazy good skill, she's just about one of the most pleasant people I have ever been around. Full of joy and light. Glory painted this rendition of Totes, the family doodle and it gives me all the feels. 

My gal Marquin, who is a superwoman and popped out a baby and then went right into her own ORC, wanted to go round on her piece for the gallery and goodness gracious I love it so. For the fall One Room Challenge, Marquin and I paired up to conquer her dining room. She painted a chinoiserie floral mural on the walls and paired it with huge abstract that now lives with me. I knew we didn't have anything in our mix that had the same vibe as that piece so I asked Marquin to do something similar on her circular canvas with our color ways. Ahhhh so good! 

The little trifecta of pink and orange goodness is from the lovely Bethany Mabee. I was introduced to Bethany and her work a few months ago when she had a show at Art & Light. Bethany, a Chicago artist, who uses shape and color to the fullest in her work was a delight and her work immediately spoke to me. I picked up these three babes and knew they would be perfect for something. I love that they pop in some pink and when y'all see them paired with the textiles, it all jives. 

Then there's that little floral honey by the queen, Kim Hassold. Her work is bold and lovely just like her, and this special piece that was already in Caroline's collection was perfect perched on this little corbel for some dimension. 

At this point in the post, I am having the realization that I might be some kind of local art groupie, but you know what... I'm fine with that. 

Miles Purvis, Miles Purvis, Miles Purvis! This lady pulled together this piece of perfection called "A Bird named Martini" for our space and it is insanely wonderful just like Miles. Every time I look at this piece I find a new detail. How her collar is made out of pieces of a LaCroix carton, how on the bowl of olives, there's a little pup ( I see what you did, there) and all the other layers that this work entails. Brilliant, I say. Miles work is flying off the walls at the fabulous Sozo Gallery in Charlotte where she is represented and I am so happy for her success. 

The little print at the bottom is from Dorothy Shain, who's work and person I admire so much. Her work is full of pattern and markings that are uniquely hers. Inspired by travel, her works take you somewhere and y'all, it's where I want to be. Dorothy has a new collection of work inspired by the West Coast launching on Monday and it is insanely good. I may already have one on lockdown for an upcoming project which I am way jazzed about. 

The little church painting at the top was also a piece Caroline already had and I think it's such a sweet piece that speaks to her and Wyatt's history. Caroline got this painting after their wedding from Karen Alley, a Charlotte artist who worked her magic and created this little reminder of that special day for them. 

This black and white loveliness is from my girl, Kiah Bellows. Her work speaks to me in so many ways and this guy was the perfect balance in our mix. Kiah's work sways from bold color to more muted pieces like this and I'm drawn to them all the same. I'll be that girl sprinting through Artisphere on the 12th as soon as it opens to get to Kiah's booth to see the new work that she has been hoarding. 

And lastly in the mix, these cuties from Annie Koelle. I am pretty sure that every one of my clients, and myself will have this parakeets hanging in out abodes before too long. They just make me insanely happy. 

So there it is... our gallery wall. You have to wait until the big reveal next week to see the whole wall, and oh yeah, the whole stinking room! 

Press on, ORC people. We got this! 

Photos by the talented Courtney Malone Photo 

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