ORC Round Up: Spring Favorites Edition

The One Room Challenge: my bi-annual Super Bowl week where I literally take in just about every room I can manage to get to, click through, and absorb. There is so much wisdom and creative brilliance going on out there, right past the 4 walls of my office space and across state lines. So many designers crafting exquisite things. From the West coast to the East, I'm appreciative the ORC puts everyone, sponsored or not, on a regimented timeline, finale, and of course, ORC platform so that I can spend time awing at the other spaces. All designers can be so different, and to see the finales of fellow creatives is a treat. Below, we've shared our absolute 10 favorites. All so wonderful and mindful. Now two step and get to clicking!

Every year, I have a favorite. An ultimate, to which I raise my torch and think: damn, cheers, that is one bad mofo of a room. This year, there were so many good spaces. I'm talking well thought out, so smart what you did with that space, that cranny of a nook, that tier of a shelf, good, solid, rooms. Yet, when you give me a yellow dining room highlighted with placements of green and blue, and then throw customs candle sconces, the kind dreams are made of, I come running. That's why Dabito from Old Brand New is the king of the ORC castle in my eyes this time around. It's pretty much the room of my everything. You've got to see it to believe it.

I'll give one massive high-five to Mallory from Style Your Senses for this powerhouse of a nursery. I mean, I could not be more into the gingham meets floral feel. So lovely, unique, and happy. // Photo by Laura Sumrak

And then, like a gift falling from the sky, Holly from The English Room dropped this beautiful masterpiece on us all. Intro her master bedroom. The colors combined here give us just the right fix. // Photo by ea decker photography

This Grand Rapid Interiors kitchen from Abby Manchesky Interiors will make your jaw drop. I especially loved reading about Abby's note on understanding that good design changes how you live and feel in your home, a fact that I find could not be more true. // Photo by Ashley Avila

This personality filled nursery from Kate Smith Interiors and the custom dresser/changing table thats about one itty bitty all sorts of happy. 

Have any of us really lived until we've seen this particular pallet paradise from Shay of IBB Design? Idk, you tell me.

A shared bedroom for and by the daughters of Domicile 37. Wall. Paper. Party. Yo.

Sky-high tiles that line the walls of this perfectly put together kitchen by Jana Bek Design. The fixtures, chairs, artwork, all the pairings. Just so good. Photo by Marta Perez

Lovely use of both bold and light colors brought to us by J and J Design Group. // Photo by John Woodcock

Green with envy dining room from Maggie at Maggie Overby Studios. I'm just so impressed with the impact made here, and the use of jewel tones.

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