In Sight: Recent Works by my Gals, Glory Day Loflin, Kiah Ann Bellows, and Dorothy Shain

Guys! This Friday night might end up being the best night ever. Three of my favorite artists/people are going to be in the same place with their work and you should come see it! 

This collaborative show of three artists: Glory Day Loflin, Kiah Ann Bellows, and Dorothy Shain, is so special to me. These three ladies, after attending the Penland School of Craft created this show to explore the southern landscape of South Carolina through drawing, painting and collage. SO Friday night is basically a trifecta of my favorite things: these artists, my state, and the art that these women create. 

These ladies are amazing. Young thangs huslin' everyday to make all the art, and they are getting it done. I so admire each one of them for their individual techniques, skill and general vibes. 

If you are in Greenville or anywhere near Greenville, GCCA in the village is the Friday night hopping place to be. All the cool kids will be there, promise. I'll be staring at a painting with my jaw dropped somewhere. 

Be there, or be square. 

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  1. What a fun show this will be. Have a great time and maybe the "jaw drop" art will get to come home with you!!


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