Spring ORC Week 4: All The Fabrics

Well people, here we are sitting at week 4 of the One Room Challenge. I can't believe all the progress I am seeing in everyone's spaces. Too much goodness. 

We are making progress over here too! Lots of headway in the textile department. I picked up all the panels and pillows from the workroom and almost died. Fabrics are where it all comes together for me and I'm giddy over what's happening here. For our pillows, we anchored the sofa with two big Loloi pillows in Navy, layered in some green Lacefield babes and lastly the end all, be all... Schumacher Coromandel. I die a little every time I lay eyes on it. The color is unmatched. We have a few more pillows coming into the mix that will fill out the sofa and give our chairs some oomph. 

For the panels, we went with this floral that packs a bold punch, while staying way budget friendly. A whopping 9.95/yd. While for functionality, we really only needed one panel on each window, but in order to make the corner windows not feel so awkward we really needed to soften that corner with panels there too. 

This killer beaded light that we found at Final Cut, finally got hung too. It weighs roughly a million pounds and after a late night of Kevin and Wyatt standing on the same ladder in the dark trying to hold said million pound light and hang it, it was determined that they didn't have the right size screws. So, three hours down the drain and we called in the professionals. They got trophies for trying. 

And let's just talk about that Citrus honey for a bit. We commissioned this piece from Maria Osorio Driscoll after seeing her big bold Lemon paintings. We needed a big jab of citrus in the space but felt like oranges might be a better fit. We loved working with Maria on this piece. She made sure to send us updates as she progressed on the piece. Because it's so large and in charge, we had to make sure it would mesh with all the other elements in the room and Maria came through. We couldn't love it more. This piece anchors our color palette in the room and commands you to look her way! 

We flanked each side of this big, bold, beauty with four paper collages from one of my favorite artists/people in the world, Teresa Roche. Teresa along with being insanely talented, owns one of my favorite places in the world, Art and Light. This place is a mecca for good vibes and good people, and I can't leave there without feeling a little better about life in general. 

There's still so much to do and most of it happens next week. We've got to finish up our art collage wall. Lock down our other pillows. Add in lots of layers, with more textiles, accent pieces and all the accessories. Here we go into Week 5, party people. How did this happen so quickly?!

XO, Amanda Louise 


  1. Well, of course, not surprised, obviously this space is going to be absolutely amazing!! AL, you are a force!! I'm a textiles girl, too, so I'm in awe of this combo of fabrics you have happily cohabbing in this space!! What a mix. And no words for that citrus painting!! Can't wait to see the final touches. It will be crazy good, I know.

  2. final cut looks DREAMY! and i love that light fixture! your space is looking so great!

  3. That light fixture is gorgeous! Love the colors in this room... -Carol @ CAD Interiors


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