Wrap It Up

I feel like this year, somehow someway, I've been one step ahead of the quickly approaching Christmas season. I'm talking about our day after Thanksgiving tree fetching followed by getting close to everyone on my list completed during Black Friday/Cyber Monday- proud moment over here. Once all presents are here, I'm going to keep this new I'm-hella-on-it tradition going by wrapping them ASAP and putting them under our tree. This year, I wanted to go bold in my wrapping game. I picked up new wrapping paper from a variety of places last weekend and decided to add a few different pops of color and, of course, holiday accessories. I for one think going the extra mile in present presentation brings much more warmth to the gift- something the recipient will appreciate from the get go. To me, it's not just about whats inside the package, but the effort you put into making it special. A fun, thoughtful present never goes unnoticed; it also doesn't hurt that they look colorfully good under your tree!

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