An Unexpected Thanksgiving

Photos by Luke Cleland 

Can y'all believe that Thanksgiving is basically upon us?! I can't. In my head, it is still July. Probably because until yesterday it's been 85 degrees around here. Here we are though, with November is in full force and Thanksgiving tables right around the corner. 

We wanted to jazz it up this year and inject some unexpected color and elements into this year's turkey time that will surely make  it a day to remember. Ahead is our favorite way to build a table and our favorite ways to make it stand out from year's past. 

We started at the bottom, like Drake, with our tablecloths. Layering cloths is a great way to mix color and pattern and using different sizes, allows every piece to have it's moment. All shapes and sizes can be picked up at Anthro or HomeGoods, or remnants can easily be surged to give you whatever pattern and size you like. 

In our book, golds and chartreuses can be seen as neutrals so we took these cloths and made a base to layer bolder color on top of. 

Blue and White is a go to for every dinner and every holiday around here so we pulled out the pagoda plates and mixed them with more casual large Vietri plates that serve as chargers. Mixing casual pottery like plates with heirloom silver and crystal is a great way to use your family pieces while still creating a table that guests feel like they aren't afraid to sit at and enjoy the meal. 

We continued the mix and switched up the charger color and bread plates for the heads of the table. The two head seats are a great opportunity to incorporate a different color or pattern.

 It just makes sense that those two spaces would be allowed to be a little different. Not only is it fun to take advantage of this, but many times when working with vintage dinnerware, quantities may be limited. 

For the centerpieces, low vases are best. This allows the guests to still see each other and be able to visit throughout the meal. It's nice to create a larger arrangement that has the same feel as the table to incorporate in another part of the room or in an entryway. This creates a sense of cohesiveness and thoughtfulness. For that piece we found this tall gold vase and found small vintage vases for the table. 

We went light on flowers and heavy on the greens. We picked up a few grocery store bouquets in some accent colors and went to the yard with clippers for the rest. 

Magnolia creates a nice base that holds its shape well, allowing you to build around it. 

Mixed with magnolia, softer greens and the florals create a nice combination of textures and colors.

Then, because we do what we do, we put some tassels in the arrangement for something completely unexpected that makes your guests take a second look. Can't stop. Won't stop with the tasseling.

Along with the arrangements, we used gold lattice bowls and filled them with mini heirloom pumpkins. We love the way they look hand-painted and played that up with a few finishing touches.

To complete the look, we added candles (because what is a dinner without candlelight)...

...and place cards with a special take home for each guest. We took tiny Marquin designs marsh paintings, placed them at each seat and added a simple craft paper name card. I think it is so special to give your guests something that will help them remember a special day. Just like favors at a wedding, your guests will see this and remember the special Thanksgiving they spent with you. 

Of course, this could be so many things. You could use beautiful stationary and write everyone a note or print out a special photo for each place setting that could be framed. 

And there you go! Just one more finishing touch. 

Playing up on the idea from before that head seats can be special... we also like to use this as another way to add in more color and pattern. These chairs can hold there own in the color and pattern department so in order to make a pillow stand out, we went bold. Bold, blue brushstroke fabric also from Marquin Designs was used to play off the blue from the dishes and our brushstroke paintings and pumpkins.

It all ties together: Warm and cool tones, old and new, and traditional and modern. If we have learned anything about tables from Eddie Ross, we know its all about the mix. 

We really wish you and yours the most lovely Thanksgiving full of joy, family and friends, food, football, and maybe a something unexpected. 


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