One Room Challenge Favorites

There are so so many reasons for gushing about how great and fun and wonderful the One Room Challenge was. Sooooo, here's a few.

1. This thing creates such a fun community of people who are all in the midst of the challenge, waist deep together.... Linda from Calling it Home, heads up the challenge and does such a great job cheering everyone along. Feeling like you are part of the ORC community makes seeing everyone's finished spaces so so exciting. 

2. The ORC allowed me to work with a ton of talented Greenville artists and artisans and showcase their awesomeness. 

3. Stephanie from Olive and Tate had to hang out with me so so much and she taught me so so much about so so many things. I am so grateful that Stephanie called me in to design the space and work on it with her. She helped me figure out this whole blogging thing and so much more. I love when you meet people who not only become good friends but can help make you better at what you do. 

Here's a round up of my favorite One Room Challenge spaces...

1. Jill Sorenson's yellow and blue bedroom has to be my absolute favorite. EVERYTHING about it. You know, yellow is my jam and the mix of wood tones and vibrant colors is just too good. I am also obsessed with the custom lamps that Jana Bek created for the space. 

2. The Mimosa Lane girl's room is just blowing my mind, I love it so. I would have died for that room as a kid... or actually now. The thin picture frame molding and intense pops of color like that red secretary just have me swooning. 

Photo by Megan Weaver 

3. Jana Bek's ORC space showcases her new line of textiles and they are just so good. I cannot wait to get my hands on them for a project and Jana is just the best. 

4. I don't think another picture from the ORC grabs my attention quite like this kitchen from Design Manifest. That pop of persimmon and the Pierre Frey’s “Arty" fabric makes this space one of my faves. 

5. And I am pretty sure that if I had this bright and oh-so-blue bedroom from Elise at Her Heart and Home, I would want to stay in that crisp white bed all day. So much love for this space and all of it's details. 

6. I tried desperately to narrow it down to five to keep things simple, but I just could not. This boy's bunk room from A Storied Style  is just way too much fun not to include. I hope those boys know how lucky they are. They will remember that room all of their lives. This kind of space is what makes me excited and inspired to do my job and think outside of the ordinary zone. 

Photo by Brian McWeeney

So, minus the one rogue kitchen, bedrooms are on the brain. Maybe that means for the next ORC I should give mine some attention or at least my guest room where everything we don't know what to do with gets piled. 

This has been a lovely experience and I am truly grateful! Peace out for now. 

XO, Amanda Louise 


  1. These are all of my favs as well!! Thank you for including us in this gorgeous roundup! I think you are my spirit animal in human form & cannot wait for our paths to cross (immediately I hope)!!

    1. Oh girl! I agree! I cannot wait to meet up. Definitely hope that its soon!

  2. Thanks for including me in this amazing round-up!! So honored! I also love the space you designed for the ORC I was just looking at it....love all taht green and that wallpapered wall! Fabulous!! xx


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