One Room Challenge Week 4

It is week four and this thing is getting real. Like, for real we gotta really make some real stuff happen, for real.

Our big accomplishment this week was that our ikea/silk hybrid drapes went up and I am so happy with them. The seamstress took Ikea Lenda panels and added a band of persimmon silk that I picked up on the clearance remnant rack. I personally think they look pretty stinking good based on their humble beginnings. We also had her cut off the tab tops and add a band of reinforcement to the tops so that we could use traditional drapery pins and rings instead of clips. I'll share details of that next week along with the Amazon curtain rods that TJ Breil from Slab Woodworking is making custom finials for. This not-so-expensive Ikea/Amazon hack, should look like a million bucks when we are done. That's the plan, at least.

This week, we also said "Peace out" to the infamous green chairs (If you missed the saga, you can catch up with ORC Week Two). Next week they should be back feeling fresh and new in their silverly seafoamy threads and some nailheads added for good measure. We might be overcompensating to redeem ourselves but I have no doubt this will be an insane transformation from the previous La-Z-Boyish situation. Insanely good that is. 

The upholsterers officially think that I have lost my mind. Normally they look at me like I have three heads when I bring in some wonky floral fabric for the cushion of a chair and another geometric for the back and then say, "oh, and I was thinking we could pipe it in this lime green velvet. What do y'all think?" I'm pretty sure the green chairs were the only thing they have ever done for me that they appreciated and they were starting to think I wasn't looney. Well I am, but they are troopers and are busting these things out to keep us on schedule. 

TJ finished the ikea cabinet with it's new wooden top and it is GORGEOUS. This week we are adding some fun hardware to the tops of the cabinets and taking the small lower pulls off. 

The lovely Stephanie is freaking out a little that the room looks like a big beige blob, but not to fear dearest Stephanie, more color is coming your way! 

I think when we finish this space, it will be the perfect blend of her natural neutral happy place and the color she is so badly craving. 

My favorite way to add color is with layers of fabric and accessories. So, its coming. It does look like a sandstorm right now. I'll give Stephanie that, but it won't for long. Promise.  

It has been a busy week. Luke Cleland has been in town doing shoots of some recent finished projects that I can't wait to share. Photographing spaces all day is exhausting and I have some major respect for anyone who can take photos all day and edit for hours upon hours. Just watching him all day makes me feel useless by the end of the day. Hard to believe this space will be shot at the end of next week. Better get at it. 

Hopefully next week's ORC post will be the longest ever with lots of accomplishments. 

Peace out for now. I am going to go interject some color into Stephanie's world, now. 

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  1. I'm stalking this room. It's looking fab! I hope next week is the week I get my IKEA "hybrid" window treatments squared away! ( better be, huh?) Yours are to die for. That color on the bottom is fabulous. The sneak peek of the wall is amazing, too. Loving your new blog and IG feed!!! And I love the banana leaf fabric. I've used it before and wouldn't hesitate to put it in another room. Can you have too much?? :)

  2. I love all of this! The poofs are so good - I have two that don't match my stuff anymore and I am so going to find an upholsterer after seeing yours! And I kinda really want to see how bad the chairs were first time around, haha. And that print (is it a print?) is so pretty. And the wall is awesome...I could go on! Good luck for the next two weeks - I'm sure it'll be amazing when it's all pulled together. Can't wait to see it!


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