I'm a Wrapper

So shower and wedding season is upon us and that means so so so many gifts. I love buying gifts for showers, babies, and weddings, but I love wrapping them even more. There's nothing better than a beautifully packaged gift and gift bags are not my jam... boxes, paper, and ribbon for the win. It's always fun to add something unexpected to that package to set it apart on that crowded gift table, as well.

This has been my go-to wrap lately. I've found that for every occasion it is perfect. This Marquin Designs Ice Marsh paper is based on one of Marquin's paintings and if you read my One Room Challenge reveal post you know what a fan I am of this Greenville girl. To keep everything simple, I bought a huge roll of gold cord that works for every occasion as ribbon. 

Of course, there's absolutely no fun in bringing the same exact package to every shower, wedding, and party so I've gotten creative with embellishing the package. 

This look was perfect for a wedding shower. I wrapped the package a few days before and then shortly before I left, I threw some white roses on that I had bought from Trader Joes for the house. It added the sweetest accent to the otherwise neutral package. 

Tassels have also been a go-to lately... honestly in all aspects of life, tassels just make things more fun. You can pick these babes up in any color imaginable in the sewing section of any craft store and they add so much fun and whimsy to a package. 

Also... who wouldn't love the wrapping of a package to act as a gift in itself. I will put these bag tassels that used to be available from Urban Outfitters on anything, especially lamps. I ordered basically a million of them when they went on clearance so why not put them on packages as well. Then, they could be clipped on a bag or a lamp or whatever else the recipient wishes. I put one around Maisy's collar one day. She didn't dig it though, so I wouldn't advise them for adorning your animals. You can find these bag tassels all over Etsy or The Providence Story has some incredible options that could be a gift in itself. Don't even worry about filling the box. 

My favorite for a fun couple's wedding gift was just adding a simple air plant to the package. I watered it well before putting it on the package so it was good to go until the couple to get it to its new home. 

Add a gift tag and an envelope with care instructions for the plant and I can assure you that the extra touch put on these packages will not be forgotten. 

To snag some of this awesome wrap for your self or ANYTHING off Marquin's site until May 20th use the code WRAP at checkout. 


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