The Ladies Room

Happy Thursday, friends! This week has been a whirl wind after being out of the studio for a week and a half. So many fun things going on and only so many hours in the day. I'm sure most of you can relate. Well, here is our latest completed project and I am over the moon with how this space turned out. This project was so so fun. This client loves color and pattern and has wonderful collections that we were able to showcase. My kind of client and my kind of project.

We started with this collection of Mary Cassatt prints that were in the space already. We rehung them and mixed in other gold elements to make them cover the wall and accentuate the high ceilings of the room. Mixing traditional and modern elements in the room came to be a theme and I love how the mix turned out. 

My favorite part of the room... the coffee table was one of the last elements that came together in the space. We really needed something that would stand out and we knew it needed to be special. My client loves elephants and supports many elephant rescue organizations such as the DSWT in Kenya. If you don't know about or support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust you need to check them out. They rescue orphaned elephants and help protect wildlife across Kenya from poaching... and if you follow them on Instagram, you get to see pictures baby elephants all day. ALI fosters the elephants, Roi and Turkwell, and I think they are the jam. My client loved the idea of using elephants in the space, so we ordered these two garden stools and had a custom piece of glass cut for the top. 

These Blush Label pillows just make my day. The colors are perfection and the pattern plays so well against some of the other traditional elements of the room. 

We anchored the room and our color pallet with this colorful Dash and Albert rug. From the rug, we pulled out dark coral tones, blues, greens and pinks. 

These Dana Gibson Chintz lamps were the perfect mix of fun modern colors and a traditional style. 

And if you know anything about me, you know that I love pups and furniture and especially a combination of both. Stella is just the coolest. 

This large chandelier anchors the room. I loved it's traditionalism with it's gold tones but how it also had geometric lines and provided plenty of light in this large room. 

All the single ladies, all the single ladies... and I love them all. We jazzed this lady up and I think she looks so fab. Actually, though the real lady of the house is not single and theres a really nice man who hangs out in this space as well. I love husband's who are troopers and don't put up a fight about how we ladies like to decorate. They are my favorite kind of husband and my husband, Kevin,  is the president of this club and I love him for it. 

I am crazy crazy in love with this wallpaper. It worked out as the perfect backdrop for my client's collections and books. 

My client had this chair and we took a hint from the Mary Cassatt prints and used this lady fabric from Cotton and Quill to recover this chair. Oh, to be as fabulous as the ladies on this chair with their high wasted skirts and fabulous jewels! 

We again took to mixing colors, patterns and styles, mixing this fun and modern Jonathan Adler fabric with a ruffled monogrammed pillow that screams Southern Belle. 

Here, we layered draperies on this large window: A softer linen with a blue leopard tape mixed with a more formal colorful panel on top. 

And.... that's a wrap. This project was so fun and I loved being able to create this space full of cheer for one of my favorite clients ever. 

Until next week, friends!  

Amanda Louise


  1. Another fab and colorful room, A.L. I love it and the bookcase wallpaper and elephant table are standouts for me. We are long time followers of DSWT and this year we gave our daughter the foster baby, Kamok. Watch his rescue video on the site, OMG the cuteness!! Great room. Can't wait to see the next post (I'll be away w/out internet for 8 days so I look forward to seeing all your good stuff when I return!!)

    1. Thank you so so much, dear! I hope you have had a great getaway. I'll work on getting some content together so you won't be disappointed when you return! haha


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