Sundays are my jam. They start slow and easy and normally stay that way. Isn't that the best? 

This one started just the way I like... with some coffee and a good book. Whenever I need some instant inspiration I open up this bio about Sister Parish. If you haven't read it, get a copy now. She was an incredible woman that did so so much for the world of decorating. A friend reminded me today of the story about how when Sister decorated for Jackie Kennedy at the White House, the press thought that the First Lady had hired a nun. Honest mistake. She is just so inspiring. Just reading descriptions of her rooms makes me want to put chintz everywhere on everything. 

So, after getting inspired, I decided to knock out a project that I have been meaning to conquer for months. This plain door to the coat closet has been screaming at me for some love. So I decided to give it just that. Sister was never afraid to jazz something up with paint, so I channeled my inner Sister and got at it.

A couple of months ago I was in Target and needed some paint for a quick project. I picked up a can of this Devine Color paint in the color "compass" and fell in love. I ended up painting our whole bar area with it and I will be sharing that project soon. Anyways, this paint has the richest velvetiest finish so I decided to carry it over onto the coat closet door.

Two hours later, that coat closet was way way happier and so am I! Instant Character.

Happy Sunday, friends.

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