Indigo Market

Thursday we set off for a super speedy trip to our favorite getaway, Charleston. We stayed with some friends at Folly Beach and just one day of fellowship and sun on our faces was enough to make us feel refreshed.

Saturday morning on our way out of town, I had about two hours to hit all my favorite spots. Kevin always knows that he isn't going to get out of Charleston without letting me do some shopping. What a trooper. Anyways, I finally got to visit Indigo Market and it was a dream.

Indigo Market is owned by Liz Lyday and Chrissie Batten who turned their individual treasure businesses into a collective market full of all sorts of vintage goodness. The market is home to Liz and Chrissie's finds, known as The Hunt, along with other vendors, and boy, its allllll good. 

I got to meet Liz this past summer when she had some yellow and green chairs that I just had to have. The chairs are permanent residents in my studio now and I still love them so much. The store was full of so many other pieces that are swoon-worthy so heres a little taste of all the goodness that is Indigo Market. 

Isn't this a feast for the eyes. Blue and white, spun fiberglass, rattan, lemon hues. Yum, yum, yum and yum. 

This vignette has me very inspired for an upcoming project, that you are about to see a lot of. 

The acrylic rolling chairs had me gasping for air. Aren't they fantastic?! They would feel right at home in the ALI studio as well. The Market offers everything from furniture, barware, floor coverings, art and all the accessories you can think of. I am so grateful that I got to stop by and soak in all the loveliness. 

Here are some of the goodies that I picked up. You know I can't walk past lemons, and this vintage tray is the perfect shade for a special project. 

Make sure when you are in Charleston, you stop by and see for yourself this curated shop that is full of the good stuff. Follow these girls on Instagram to see shop happenings and what they have in stock at Indigo Market

Happy happy Sunday, friends! 


  1. I want literally every single item in these photos. The acrylic chairs are swoon worthy!


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