Project Sneak Peak: Artist Spotlight

Y'all! This project is so close. It has been such a dream to be a part of. These awesome clients, trusted me to make some wild decisions and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome... luckily they are really happy too.

I wanted to go ahead and pop in with some of the details of this project, even though it will be a couple of weeks before all the loose ends are tied up and I will be giving a full tour. 

There are just so many lovely artists and makers that we were able to feature in this space and I don't want any of them to get overlooked.  So here we go. 

I love Dana Gibson and all the goodness that her brand offers. Her pieces can be seen throughout this space and I love all of them. This ginger jar is just too good and we paired it with vintage treasures along with a miniature masterpiece from one of my favorite artists, Lesley Grainger, who creates the most wonderful colorful abstacts.

Right when you come in the front door, this Taylor Burke honey greets you with her lovely fretwork detail. We set the whole space to a neutral backdrop, using Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt in order to let this beauty really shine!

This shot shows a taste of the smattering of amazing art pieces that my client and I collected for us to work with in this project. It was a dream. Paintings by Michelle Armas, Leslie Weaver, and Marquin Designs paired with Emily McCarthy's fabric for Cotton and Quill and those Jana Bek Lamps that I can't get over.

I can't say enough about Leslie's painted ladies. I seriously want one in every room of my house and every one of each of my client's rooms... but that might be a little much and Leslie might think I am a stalker, so we will exhibit restraint here.

Marquin is a Greenville artist and a lovely person who strives to create a community of women and creatives in our town. She just released a new collection of landscapes and they are absolutely to die for.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to pull all the colors in our scheme together than with this Cotton and Quill fabric designed by Emily McCarthy. We put in on these vintage barstools that can be used for extra seating.

And those Jana Bek lamps. Too too good and Jana is just about as nice as they come. We added some tassels and they just steal the show.

I am so proud of these textile silhouettes. My mom makes these for special people we know and special clients of mine. I still don't think that she understands how rad they are but they are some of my favorite things.

We painted the bookcases in Sherwin Williams Leapfrog and papered the backs with Dana Gibson's Twig paper for Stroheim. That gorgeous elephant is by the talented Evelyn Henson.

We used this indoor/outdoor zebra fabric to make a slipcover for this swivel chair that is used for the family's boys to play video games in. Snacks are allowed so we had to make this chair easy to clean... that didn't mean that it had to be boring, though. When that Cotton and Quill cheetah print is hanging around, it can't get boring.

 On the bookcases we featured two fun and whimsical prints from Gray Malin. I adore his work and who wouldn't want to sit around and dream of hanging out at that pool with that giraffe?

I was able to get some major pattern play happening in this room in so many places but especially with the pillows. This Design Legacy pillows with the chinoiserie scene, pulled all the colors together, perfectly.

Last but not least, this lovely piece from Lesley Grainger graces the top of this hutch paired with some vintage paper vases.

There are so many lovely artists and makers that we were able to work with on this project. The art makes this space come alive and it was so so much fun curating this collection to reflect the wonderful people who live in the space.

So, here was the sneak peak. We are just waiting on a few things to come together and then I can't wait to give y'all a full tour of this space that was such a joy to work on.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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