Saturday Studio Vibes

Saturday Studio Vibes

I love spending Saturdays at the studio. I feel like I can crank so much work out. Today, I finally got these Leslie Weaver ladies hung and I am so pumped that I get to work with them everyday. If you don't know about Leslie Weaver
you need to. I am sure she thinks I am a stalker by now, but I am just crazy in love with all the personality she paints into her ladies.

We've got music playing and the door open today and I am soaking up some inspiration for these upcoming gigs. Starting some fun new projects this upcoming week and have a few wrapping up that I am bummed to see end, but oh so excited to share.

 I mean, look at that beautiful lady... and paired with these The Blush Label gorgeous pillows that are waiting on their new home to be ready... yum.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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