Pops-O-Color Living Room

Partay people! All things summer have been reigning supreme over here and le blog has taken the back seat. I am getting my serious, back to school face on and cracking the books aka laptop (as long as I get to do back-to-school shopping)... giving the blog some much needed attention. This pop-o-color living room is holding it's own in the summer's last hoorah department just in time for the season change. Fall is in the air with tomorrow's entrance of August One and as much as I love the rays of sunshine, those crisp fall breezes are always on top. 

When I was called in on this living room situation, the major elements were there... rug from Knotted, sofa from 4Rooms, coffee table, etc. A sea of lovely neutrals in need of a punch in the color department. Enter all the textiles and art for a pattern and color medley and proof that a neutral base can support all the colors providing the perfect pallet for an occasional mix up. The blue and white Shibori panels balance pops of pink and add a dose of graphic interest to the space. Custom pillows mixed with some plush finds from K and K Collective and Wheaton and Whaley at the must stop Rock House Antiques, helped create the perfect mix of fun pattern to make this living room feel finished but still fun and approachable. We finished the space with a collection of art from Art and Light and some rockin' masterpieces from the client's daughter. Overall, a pretty in pink (and blue and yellow and green) living room comin' right up. Get the look below or on Pinterest

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