Wallpaper Partay

Wallpapes oh wallpapes, how we love you so. There are so many ways with which we can use these perfect rolls of paper, each serving a very different aesthetic and purpose from the rest.

Take for instance the concept of singularly using a pattern of paper on only one wall in a room (Aka accent wall-papering). You'll get an entirely different look than you would covering all four walls with the same pattern.

Or how about running rolls up a wall and onto the ceiling? Often underused, this method invites a room to have the major attention is deserves. Kid you not, it also makes you want to spend all the more time in this space.

There's the favorite feature of running them papes in a dining room from the top of the ceiling to just above the chair rail. Or doing your due diligence in a powder room, giving it all the color, and covering every inch of those walls with pattern that makes you want to hug such a place of powdering.

All of the above concepts are equally turn-down-for-what legit, but none of these tickle our fancy like the method we love most: shelfie wallpapering.

Give us a shelf, well thought out patterns, and the wonderful workings Denise, Greenville's OG wallpaper install queen. And swish swish bish, it's on. For this is the tactic that makes your styled items look their very best, while also pulling the entire room in. Those dog figurines? Look way more exciting behind wallpaper happenings. How's it for the antique books that have been in your family for eons? Looking like dimes against a special print. No barenaked bookcases here, ya mean.

Shelf wallpapering works stellar in the open shelving of a kitchen, or the built ins of your living room. Try it in your wet bar or on a bookshelf in the kid's playroom. When in doubt, wallpaper it out homies. Stacks on stacks, rolls on rolls. We believe in adding all the colors and patterns to a shelving backdrop; because lbh, it's the bow of a bookshelf, and a dang grand finale.

Shop some of our favorite papers on Pinterest or at the bottom on the post.


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