Lilypad Lovin'

The fundamental foundation was already there: the chairs, sofa, tables, you my boi blue cabinet. With this light-filled living room, I took the base pieces my client currently owned, and got jiggy with fabrics, art, and accessories until our hearts were content.

With a little bit of rearranging here and there, it became known that a very special kind of piece would need to anchor our space above the couch. Enter this art trifecta of lilypads from One Kings Lane. It takes my mind to one of my favorite places in the mountains of North Carolina and reminds me of the many ponds scattered with this of one-of-a-kind natural beauty. After I found this piece, it was game on with custom pillows. They do all of the right things and pull those colors from our wall art right in; the perfect marriage of textile and art.

Lastly, that large and in charge blue cabinet commands some serious attention, a shade so fresh and solid can't be beat. We styled all of its shelving, mixing in already-there accessories while adding new items to the landscape. It's all about shifting around the old with the new; an exquisite space can be created by introducing new fabrics, art, and accessories. I call this concept a pull it all together par-tay.


  1. Seriously girl - you have an endless supply of talent. This room is fabulous. In fact your rooms just keep getting fabulous-er. :))))) I love it all but really that blue cabinet complete with tassels, the fabrics and the art are perfection!

    1. You are too too kind! Thank you so much. You know we had to put tassels on it! ;)


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