My Kind of V-Day

It's here. The heartthrob holiday some of us love, and others kind of hate. I live somewhere in between this spectrum. I don't necessarily love what Valentine's Day has become, but I also see how it could be shifted into a holiday I can get down with. 

When thinking about the present day V-day, I get this anxious knot in my stomach, to pounce on OpenTable.com, find the very best restaurant available at the most optimal time, and carve out time on what looks to be like a hectic Tuesday. While I'm perusing eatery availability, I had a moment: why do we create the need to go out for Valentine's day, when all we really want to do (Kevin included) is stay in? With many projects in our pipeline and Kdawg's current clinical schedule, I'm stoked we chose to celebrate this Valentine's Day by cooking dinner at home and hanging with a bottle of wine and movie. Sometimes, less is more. And in my always maximalist mind, I'm turning a corner and going with the whole less is more theme this Tuesday.

My mission statement in design: to create beautiful homes in which beautiful lives can be lived. Thus, I'm sticking it to the Valentine's Day man and choosing to stay in this lovebug season. When we work hard to create these beautiful spaces, it only makes sense to make the most of them! 

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  1. I hear you! We quit going out on Valentine's Day decades ago. It's so crazy in Atlanta anyway and we are such homebodies anyway!! I agree - we create these places we love so it's more than OK to want to stay in!! Plus that's where the pooches are XO!!


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