Team Update: Caroline Stephens

New Year,  New Week,  New You, amiright? I'm feeling it too, that refreshing mist of thrill that comes when my pen hits paper and dates the year "2017".  Maybe we're all in the same boat, and everyone's ready for the much-anticipated New Year ahead. This 2017 is extra special to me... I'm marking 2017 as the year we added another team member to Amanda Louise Interiors! 

Enter Caroline Stephens onto the ALI stage.

For about a year, I've known that it was time for someone to jump in and assist... I just needed the right person and I waited somewhat patiently. That person showed up, y'all. She showed up ready to do this thang and we've been working together figuring out her role on the down low for the last couple of months. The minute I met her, it was like "YES!" Kevin and I didn't have that love at first site moment so I finally understood what that phenomenon felt like.

I'm so thrilled and thankful to have Caroline by my side for this new and exciting year. She has a killer eye along with all sorts of strengths that balance mine. She's brilliant. She's honest, kind, legitimately hilarious, and a ridiculous amount of fun... basically the #1 person you want to hang with while you work on making the world beautiful one house at a time.

I am overwhelmingly thankful for the paths that I went down in 2016, for this growth, and for love and support that I receive from clients and friends on the daily.  I can't wait for Caroline to experience how baller all of you are.

So, say hey to this lady! You will love her fo sho. She's got all sorts of good energy and I am soaking it up. Cheers to 2017!

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