One Room Challenge: Week Three

Picture this... Tumbleweeds rolling through a sawdust covered living room, that whistley noise that they play whenever they show a baron desert in a movie where a possible gun-fight is about to occur, and Stephanie and I sitting on the front steps of a ghost town saloon just waiting for drapes, pillows and maybe a cleaning service to show up... That's week three. 

The one good thing is that those tumbleweeds are rolling right past this amazing Marquin piece which is like an oasis in this bare and empty land. 

Now that I've gotten the drama out of the way and hopefully expressed the bore of this week, here are some updates on last weeks check list which you can read here... One Room Challenge Week 2

1. Reupholster Chairs 

The "Oh my goodness gracious - these are gross- green chairs" are on their way to a peaceful and serene happy place... and it is just SO much better. Seriously, I can't even wait for you to see how terrible the first go 'round was because then you will understand the debacle. Not that I'm proud of it, because I am not. However, this bumpy green ride (literally the first fabric was bumpy and green) has been a total learning experience about my process and knowing when something is right or not . I'm learning to listen to my gut and not to do it if it doesn't feel right. Thats one of the scary things about working on this tight schedule. Your gut is saying "no", and you're like "shut-up, we don't have time for this".

2. Ikea-Hack

TJ with Slab Woodworking is finishing up the wood-top ikea hack and it is looking so so good. It's just annoying how talented he is. So annoying but awesome at the same time. 

We just have to tackle hardware here. 

3. Patterned Accent Wall

Andrea's abstract animal print accent wall is complete and it is beautiful. Stephanie is having nightmares about all of the pattern play, and although I'm not worried about all of the pattern play because its my jam, I am having nightmares about Stephanie's nightmares. Never fun to freak people out, but it is totally understandable at this point in the game. Nothing makes any sense right now when you can't visualize the end goal. Like, "how does that tumbleweed make any sense with the sawdust on the floor, the cardboard boxes in the corner and um this animal print wall?" Totally Understandable. 

4. Kid-Friendly Coffee Table with Poufs

The CB2 coffee table is scheduled for delivery and the poufs are covered. I showed the poufs from amazon last week and they look completely different now. We had them covered in a kid and shoe friendly fabric so these poufs can be used for kiddo seating at the coffee table or for your feet with the sofa or chairs. 

From this...

to this... basically magic. 

Taking inexpensive poufs and storage cubes and having them slipcovered is absolutely one of my favorite tricks. I think the auxiliary seating they offer is such a fun layer to any room and I am always up for another place to exhibit textiles. Bring on that wonky pattern play. Here are two other examples of how I've used inexpensive poufs or ottomans and made them look custom with slipcovers. 

5. Drapery Panels 

Picking up the panels tomorrow. I can't wait to see what happens when ikea panels meet taffeta for the first time. I think this layer is going to make one of the biggest differences to transform the space. 

6. Pillows 

Elizabeth with Wheaton and Whaley is hard at work cranking out our cushions. Dying to see these babies! 

7. Artwork

And.... obviously you know how jazzed we are about this.
Here is a real goof ball picture to accurately express the jazzed-ness. 

8. Accessories and Lighting

This will be the last layer but we are well on our way here.

Peace out until next week friends! Fingers crossed for some more progress and to be out of the decorating dust bowl. 

Check out Olive and Tate to see what Stephanie is thinking this week and head over to Calling it Home to check out everyone else's week 3 progress!


  1. Hahaha! Tumbleweed and Sawdust. Sounds like the makings of a country song!!! Looks like it will all be SO GOOD! And don't doubt those walls - that is a great pattern/look! I love it! Can't wait to see what's next! Cheers! -Stephanie with Ambience Inspired Interiors

    1. Thank you so much, dear! I appreciate your cheerleading! Hopefully there will be a lot more progress to show next week.

  2. Looove the accent wall & cannot wait to see the new chairs and cushions - love the pop of persimmon!

  3. This is looking super fun! Can't wait to see the finished product. Hope you're chairs turn out as planned!


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